Time limits for idle Zoom meetings

Time limits for Zoom Meetings

Depending on the number of participants, the type of account, and time remaining in the meeting, your meeting will automatically end. These time limits apply whether a webinar is conducted by an app or client, and regardless of whether the meeting is initiated by a phone call, a tablet, or a client.

It is important to check Why is my meeting timing out when it shouldn’t? if your meeting is timing out when it shouldn’t.

There are free licenses available for free accounts.

When the meeting has been inactive for 40 minutes, the session ends.

  • There is only one host in the meeting.
  • The meeting can have a host and one or more participants.
  • It is a simple process of joining one or more participants at the same time (join before the host) with zero hosts.

There are free licenses with paid accounts (Basic).

Meetings end after 30 hours (either active or idle).

  • There is one host and no participants
  • There is one host and one participant
  • We have 0 hosts, 2 participants (join before host)

Meeting ends after 40 minutes (active or idle)

  • More than one host can be present at the same time with two or more participants
  • A maximum of three participants (joining before the host) can be on at any time with no host.
Note :
Participants who leave the meeting and rejoin before their first connection has been fully terminated could count as two different participants and trigger the 40-minute time limit due to the fact that they are joining again before the connection is fully terminated.

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Meeting ends after 30 hours (active or idle)

  • There is only one host and no participants
  • Meeting ends after 30 hours (active or idle)
  • There is no host, and there is no limit to how many participants can join (join before the host).

Meeting ends after 40 minutes (active or idle)

  • There is one host and at least one participant. Once that person leaves the meeting, there is no one else in it. As long as no one else joins, the meeting will end after 40 minutes.

Note:  Users with paid licenses or those using webinar licenses have meeting durations that are based on the amount of time they spend in meetings (for webinars, panelists are treated the same as participants, however, attendees do not significantly affect meeting duration). In the case of basic (free) license holders, their licenses are limited to the free license meeting durations on the Pro, Business, and Education accounts. Despite this, if a Basic user schedules a meeting for a paid Zoom Room on the same account and starts that meeting from the paid Zoom Room, that meeting will not end after 40 minutes, regardless of the size or number of participants. In the event a meeting takes place in a free Zoom Room, it will still expire after a certain amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions


The number of meetings that a basic user can host is unlimited; however, if you would like your meetings to not time out after 40 minutes, you may wish to upgrade to a Pro account or to receive a license which will permit you to remove the 40-minute limit on all future meetings that you may wish to hold. Your account owner/admin will be able to provide this license.
The call will end after 40 minutes if there is only one host left when everyone else has left the call, and there are no more hosts available after the call has ended after all participants have left the call. The same limit applies to a webinar.
The following method allows me to change my status from “Inactive” to “Away” when I am inactive, in the following manner:
  1. Here is a link that you can use to sign into Zoom’s desktop client without having to download any software.
  2. Once you have clicked the picture of your profile, you will be able to access the settings.
  3. Please click on the Chat button.
  4. When I am inactive for ___ minutes, check the box at the bottom of the Chat Settings tab and select Change my status to “Away”.
To avoid having to use Zoom time limits in the future, the quickest way is to press the delete button after the 40-minute limit has expired in order to avoid the time limits in the future
  1. In the Zoom client, you can schedule a meeting at a time that is convenient for you.
  2. All participants should receive an invitation from you.
  3. The meeting will be marked as ending when the timer indicates that the meeting is about to reach its 40 minute mark. …
  4. As part of the original invite, you were sent a link that you could use to rejoin the group.
There is a version for Windows and a version for Mac. To access Zoom on a desktop computer, you will need to sign in. Then, click the Settings button on the right side of your profile picture. Select the option to show the duration of my meeting on the General tab of your meeting settings.

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