Using Cornerstone for Zoom Webinar

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

Cornerstone OnDemand® Learning Suite Cornerstone Learning Suite support Zoom Webinars integration. With Zoom Webinars integration, you can set up Cornerstone onDemand® Learning Suite Cornerstone Learning Suite as a webinar service.

Prerequisites for using Cornerstone with Zoom Webinars

  • You can sign up for one of the following accounts: Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise
  • Add-on for Webinars
  • Through your Cornerstone OnDemand Learning profile.
  • Both Cornerstone as well as Zoom have administrative privileges.
  • This is the installation of Zoom Video Webinars from the Cornerstone Edge Marketplace for the Cornerstone Learning Suite.
  • In the Zoom Marketplace, Cornerstone Learning Suite for Zoom Webinars has been pre-approved as an app.
    Note: If the app has not been pre-approved, please reach out to your Zoom administrator.

Known Limitations

  • Participants who do not have a Zoom account will not be counted as attendees in Cornerstone.
  • There is only one Cornerstone environment that can be integrated with a Zoom account at a time. You can connect to only one of your sandbox as well as production environments at the same time if you have separate environments.

Installing the Zoom vILT Integration from Edge Marketplace

  1. Using the Cornerstone portal, log in to your account.
  2. Click Admin, Tools, Edge, then Marketplace in order to navigate to the Edge Marketplace.
  3. In your search results, search for Zoom Video Webinars for Cornerstone Learning Suite and then click on that tile.
  4. You will be prompted to create an integration.
  5. You must accept the terms and conditions before you can proceed.
  6. You can do this by clicking on the Create Integration button.
    Once the integration has been installed, you will receive a notification informing you that it has been installed.
  7. To configure it, simply click the button.

Add the suite from Zoom Marketplace

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace by logging in to your Zoom account.
  2. Find Cornerstone Learning Suite for Webinars in the App Store or Google Play Store and tap on it.
  3. To confirm that the app is pre-approved, please contact your Zoom administrator to find out if this app has been pre-approved for your account.
  4. Please click on the Add button.
  5. Make sure the app has access to the permissions it requires, and choose Allow.
  6. The next few steps will need to be completed by an administrator on your Cornerstone OnDemand account.
    Note: You will automatically be configured with the Cornerstone Learning Suite for Webinars if your admin has added the app to your account.
  7. As soon as you have added the app, you will be redirected to a configuration page where you will be able to configure it. If you wish to use these settings later, you should copy and save them.

Integrating the Cornerstone Learning Suite on Cornerstone

Multiple providers are supported by Cornerstone. By doing this, users are able to use more than one Zoom instance with a single Cornerstone instance. The vILT Connector Integration Guide posted in Cornerstone Online Help explains how to integrate the vILT Connector with Cornerstone by logging in as an administrator.

Using the Cornerstone Learning Suite for Zoom Webinars

You need to configure Events and Instructors so that the Webinar Conferencing feature can be used in order to correctly install Cornerstone OnDemand integration. See the following section to learn about configuring Events and Instructors for Cornerstone OnDemand.

Creating instructors

With the Cornerstone integration, a new instructor will be created in your Zoom account with a Webinar License once you have created that instructor with Cornerstone. After those steps have been completed, the user will receive an email inviting them to Zoom. In order to activate their account, they will have to click the link in that email.
Note: There will be a requirement for any users that you create to have a webinar license. The link for managing add-ons will help you reassign and free the add-on from your users if you need to do so.

  1. To access the Vendors & Instructors section of the page, click ILT in the navigation bar.
  2. If you follow the instructions below, you’ll be able to find the Zoom vILT vendor when you search for it in Edge. Click on the Instructor’s link of the vendor (Cornerstone creates the Zoom vILT vendor when you install the connector in Edge and enable it).
  3. You will now be able to add instructors to the system.
  4. In order to use the Zoom Video Webinars for Cornerstone Learning Suite, you must locate and add an existing internal user as an instructor (external instructors are not supported). This user will be identified by their first name, their last name, their home address, and their email address.
  5. Click the checkbox next to Active.
  6. Then click Send.

Updating instructors

A webinar license can be added to an existing instructor by updating the instructor’s profile. It is not possible to change the instructor’s email address.

  1. Click on the Vendors & Instructors tab in the navigation menu
  2. You can find your Zoom vILT vendor by searching for the vendor’s name and click the link for the instructor.
  3. You can find your instructor by searching for the vendor’s name on the Instructors page.
  4. From the Instructors page, click on Edit to edit the instructor.
  5. From the Edit Instructors page, make the necessary changes and click Submit when done.

Creating an event

  1. The Learning Catalog Management tool can be found in the navigation, by clicking Admin, then Tools, and then Events & Sessions.
  2. In the New Event window, click Create.
  3. Complete the property information as you wish. Be sure to choose your virtual meeting vendor carefully when choosing a primary or secondary vendor.
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Organize which users will be able to find the Event and register for it on the Availability tab.
  6. Then click the Next button.
  7. On the Pricing and Training Unit tab, if necessary, you can define the price and training units to be used, otherwise, you can proceed to the Session Defaults tab.
  8. You need to define the minimum and maximum number of registrations for the session in the Session Defaults Tab. In addition, you can fill out other fields in the Session Defaults Tab to the fullest extent possible.
  9. Click the Save button.

Creating webinar sessions

As soon as the integration is set up in Cornerstone, a webinar will be created for the first instructor as soon as the integration is made. Additionally, all the other instructors will be added to the webinar as alternate hosts. These webinars will be listed in their Zoom Webinar list.

  1. You can get to Learning Catalog Management and Events & Sessions on the website by clicking on the navigation bar, then clicking on Admin, then Tools.
  2. Then, you will be able to find the event you created in Step 2.
  3. Then, you will be able to find the event you created in Step 2.
  4. Select New Session and then click Create.
    Note: It might be better to read this link as ‘Create A New Zoom vILT Session’.
  5. Choose the frequency of your Session on the Schedule Wizard tab and click the Next button.
  6. Next, you will be able to enter the details of your Part Schedule on the Part Schedule tab. Please ensure you select your instructor that was added or edited in Step 1 above when adding the instructor.
  7. Then you will be asked to save the part.
  8. The Details tab, Availability tab, and Emails tab allow you to update additional details as needed.
  9. There are also two pricing tabs.
  10. Once you have logged in to your account and navigated to the Summary tab, click Save to create the session.

Updating webinar sessions

The Zoom Webinars can be adjusted with any changes you make to the host, start time, date, and topic of your sessions before they are pushed out. There will be a new webinar created if the host is no longer the instructor, and the previous webinar will be deleted if the webinar information is updated.

  1. The navigation of the Learning Catalog Management is accessed by clicking Admin, then Tools, then Events & Sessions and finally Learning Catalog Management.
  2. Click the Search button beside the Event you created earlier in this step.
  3. Select the Event on the Calendar by clicking on the icon.
  4. Click on the ‘Session’ option that is displayed on the Calendar.
  5. You will then be able to edit the Session by clicking the icon.
  6. If any details need to be updated, please do so by clicking Save.

Launching webinar sessions

As a host, an alternate host, or an attendee, Cornerstone users have the option to host a webinar session.

Instructor Launch Session

  1. You can access your sessions by clicking ILT at the top of the navigation bar.
  2. Then you will be able to click on a link that has the time for your chosen session.
    Once you click on the link, a virtual meeting will be initiated.

User Launch Session

  1. To view a user’s transcripts, navigate to their transcripts page
  2. And click on the Training Details tab to find their transcripts
  3. By clicking Launch.
    After clicking Launch, the virtual meeting will start.

Get Attendance

A webinar session can also be integrated with this integration to get the attendance from the webinar from which it was created.
Note: Those who do not have a Zoom account will not be counted in the Cornerstone attendance statistics.

  1. To manage events and sessions in the ILT, click the ILT menu item at the top of the page.
  2. You can then search for your session.
  3. You can find the roster icon under Session Options for your session by clicking on the Roster icon.
  4. Click on Attendance and Scoring to access the attendance and scoring section.
    There may not be any attendees showing up on this tab, since Cornerstone was not able to retrieve an attendee list from the Zoom software. By clicking the Update Roster button after 24 hours have passed since the end date and time of the session, you can force Cornerstone to fetch the attendee list.
  5. In order to submit this roster and complete the session, once the roster has been updated, click the button titled “Submit Roster.”.

How to remove the Cornerstone Learning Suite

  1. The Edge Marketplace allows you to turn off the Zoom Webinars for Cornerstone Learning Suite by using the Checkbox in the box.
  2. You can access the Zoom Marketplace by logging into your Zoom account.
  3. If you are having trouble finding Cornerstone Learning Suite for Webinars, you can search for the app and click it or you can go to your added apps via Manage and then Added Apps.
  4. Please select the option to remove Cornerstone Learning Suite for Webinars from the list.
  5. You will be prompted to confirm the removal.

How your data is used

From your Zoom account, this app will access and use the following information:

  • User Information (name, time zone): This information is used by Cornerstone to handle instructor requests and create meetings.
  • Webinar Information (topic, start time, duration, meeting number, meeting password, meeting invite, meeting participants’ email, meeting settings):These details can be displayed on the Cornerstone meeting page.

As part of this application, the following information is accessed and used from your Cornerstone account:

  • Session ID: This identifies the Zoom meeting when it is associated with an Event instance in Cornerstone.
  • Webinar Request Info (host email, alternative host email, time zone, start/end time, topic): The information provided will be used to schedule Zoom webinars for Cornerstone events. Zoom stores this information only as part of the Zoom webinar event instance, and therefore is not stored separately.
  • Instructor info (name, email): -For the purpose of creating and updating Zoom user data for Cornerstone instructors. Zoom only saves this information as part of the user’s Zoom account information as part of the user’s account information.