Using hot desking for phones In Zoom App

With hot desking, users are able to temporarily login to a provisioned desk phone by using their extension number and PIN. A few examples of hot desking are as follows:

  • Shared office or co-working space:
  • In this way, users of multiple companies’ phones can access the same hardware while retaining their own phone numbers and voicemail messages.
  • Traveling sales or field team:
  • While sales representatives can work remotely from any hot desk phone, they will still be able to seamlessly maintain easy access to customers and maintain a professional image by having a single phone number and extension.
  • 24/7 call center:
  • Workers who share a desk and voicemail box at contact centers, but maintain separate phone numbers and voicemail boxes.
  • Out of office or travelling employee:
  • Hot desking allows employees who are frequently out of the office or traveling to use their desk phones to sign in to someone else’s.
Note :

Your security and privacy are protected by the Sign out soft key. If you are about to leave your desk and would like to sign off from your phone, you can do so using this feature. It will make it harder for others to access your phone. When you choose Sign in, you will be prompted to enter your extension and voicemail PIN in order for you to sign into your phone.

Prerequisites for using a hot desk for phones

  • License for Zoom Phone
  • provisioned with hot desking capabilities

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How to enable hotdesking?


A user with admin rights can turn on hotdesking for the assigned desk phone or common area phone from their control panel.

  1. Access the Zoom web portal by logging into your account.
  2. You will find the following entries in the navigation menu: Assigned and Common Area Phones Navigate to the following entry:
    • Selecting Phone System Management from the main menu bar, then clicking on Phones & Devices will allow you to assign a phone to a customer.
    • Common area phone:
    • Select the phone option from Phone System Management and then click Users & Rooms. On the Common Area Phones tab, you should see a list of your phone numbers.
      Note: The common area phone has migrated to the common area tab in the Users & Rooms page for anyone who signed up for Zoom after May 21, 2022, or if the New Common Area Experience is enabled on your account.
  3. To enable hot desking on a device, click its display name.
  4. Select the Policies tab.
  5. On the Hot Desking toggle, click Enable.
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The main advantage of hot desking is that you can use it with any assigned phone you have to use, if you are a user.

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. From the navigation bar, click the Phone tab.
  3. You will see a section that says Desk Phones.
  4. For the phone that you want to use for Hot Desking, you need to check the Allow Hot Desking box.

How to set the session time out limit (admin)

Admins can also configure a session timeout period for phones with hot desking enabled so that heatsink timeouts automatically occur. When the hotdesking limit is reached, any phones that are signed in with hotdesking will automatically sign out when the limit is reached. You can find out more by looking at the desk phone settings on an account level.

How to use hot desks?

It is possible to temporarily sign in to a desk phone if hot desk is enabled. In the event that you sign out, the phone will revert to a common area phone, or revert to the original owner, whichever is appropriate. Normally, common area phones will have a message such as Unassigned visible on the home screen.

Note :

Hotdesking administrators can set a time limit for the time a session will last. A hot desk session will automatically end when you reach the limit on the number of simultaneous users the phone is capable of supporting.

Sign in

  1. Here are the methods you can use to sign in:
    • On the phone’s home screen, press the Guest soft key.
      It is important not to sign out then sign in when signing into an assigned phone. Hot-desking is disabled and the device will be unregistered from its original owner.
    • Please call *91. DTMF codes can be found here.
  2. If you have not already done so, please log into your voicemail using the extension number and PIN you were given.
    After the phone has rebooted, the information will be registered. It is best to reboot the phone manually if it is not doing so automatically.

Sign out

When you’re done using the phone, you can sign out using one of these methods:

  • Press the Sign Out soft key on the second page of the soft key menu.
  • Dial and call *92. Learn more about DTMF codes.

The phone will reboot to register with the original owner or revert to a common area phone. If the phone does not automatically reboot, reboot the phone manually.

How can I view my phone and sign out remotely from a hot desk?


  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by entering your Zoom username and password.
  2. Click the device configuration menu on the left and you will be taken to the page where you can configure the assigned devices and the common area phones:
    • Phones and devices can be assigned via the Phone System Management section of the page.
    • Communal area phone: Click User & Rooms, then Phone System Management. From the Window that appears, select Common Area Phones.
      Note : You will find that common area phones on the Common Area tab on the Users & Rooms page have migrated to the new Common Area tab if you created a new Zoom account after May 21, 2022, or if you enabled the New Common Area Experience with your Zoom account.
  3. You can see which phones are currently signed in to hotdesking by looking at the Hot Desking column.
    Note : When viewing the hot desk settings of a device, you can click the device’s display name in order to find out if hot desking is enabled.
  4. If you wish to only display hot desks for which you have signed in (optional), please check this box.
  5. To sign out of the active hot desk session, click Sign out in the Hot Desking column for the phone associated with it.


Using hot desk technology, if you have the ability to remotely sign someone out of your phone, you can do that remotely if you are a phone user.

  1. Access the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. On the left side of the page, click on Phone.
  3. Then, select Desk Phones.
  4. Then click Sign out on the phone you would like to sign out remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you zoom with a desk phone?

You can use your desk phone to dial the Zoom meeting key in order to join audio of the Zoom meeting after you have used the Zoom desktop client to join the meeting. When you have used the Zoom desktop client to join the meeting, you can use your desk phone to join audio of the Zoom meeting. As your audio device, you can use your desk phone to join a meeting that you have received an invitation for.

Can you use two devices on Zoom?

At the same time you are able to be logged in to Zoom from two computers, two tablets, and two phones at the same time. When a user signs into another device of the same type while they are logged into another device of the same type, they will automatically be logged out of the previous device.

What is common area phone?

Common Area Phones are known as Microsoft Teams devices which are located in common areas of the office, such as reception areas or lobby areas of the building, and are used to carry out voice communications. The phone can be picked up by anyone without requiring them to log into it, and anyone can make a call without logging in. It is necessary to purchase a separate license for Teams Common Area Phones (or CAP). TeamsIPPhone policy is only configurable via PowerShell, and it can only be used with Teams Common Area Phones (or CAP).

Does Zoom phone have auto attendant?

Whenever a call is made to the main company number, it will always be answered by a main auto receptionist who will be able to answer any questions that may arise. Zoom Phones can create a main automated receptionist and an assistant receptionist for each site if you have multiple sites.

What is the zoom phone Power Pack?

The Zoom Phone Power Pack is designed to give Zoom Phone users who have a consistent volume of calls better access to call queue analytics and help streamline the call handling process for Zoom Phone users with a high call volume. When you browse the support articles in this section, you will find information that explains how to set up features such as desktop Power User experience and SMS for call queues or auto receptionists when you use these support articles.

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