Video pinning or spotlight in Zoom App




You can pin (pin) and spotlight the video during the meeting.

You can use the pin screen to disable the display of active speakers and show only specific speakers. This pinned setting only affects the local view in the Zoom room, not the views of other participants. It does not affect cloud recordings.

In Spotlight videos, users are the primary speakers for all participants in meetings and cloud recordings. To spotlight, a video-on meeting requires at least 3 participants, and only the organizer can participate.



  1. Start a new or scheduled meeting.
  2. Tap Manage Participant on the Zoom Room Controller .
  1. Place the cursor on the video image of the host or participant, click […] , tap the name, and then tap> Lock Video or [ Spotlight ].
  1. If there are multiple screens in the Zoom room, you can select the screen to which you want to freeze the video.


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