What is the difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms?

Many people ask, “What is the difference between Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms?” And “Can I build Zoom Rooms with a Zoom Meeting license?”

It is necessary to select the license according to the purpose and usage scene.

This article describes the following:


Comparison table of Zoom Meeting and Zoom Rooms

Zoom meeting Zoom Rooms
Web Meeting
Join a meeting from your personal PC, tablet or smartphone 
TV conference Gather in the
conference room and participate in the conference from the permanent terminal.
Recommended when multiple people participate from one place.
price 25,200 yen / year /
Price varies depending on user quantity A
minimum of 10 user contracts are required
63,600 yen / year / meeting room
License owner Individual Conference room, permanent terminal
Required device
  • PC, tablet,
    or smartphone
  • display
  • PC
  • Tablet for controller
  • Microphone
  • speaker
  • camera



Cases and benefits that you should choose Zoom Rooms


(1) Zoom Rooms is a permanent terminal, so you can save the trouble of setting up a PC every time compared to a Zoom meeting.

For Zoom meetings, follow the steps below to start a meeting.

Prepare your PC, camera, microphone, and speakers, sign in to Zoom, enter your meeting ID, and start your meeting. It also occupies a personal terminal.

On the other hand, in Zoom Rooms, the above devices are permanently installed and you are always signed in to Zoom, so you can start a meeting immediately. You can use your own PC during the meeting without occupying your own PC.


(2) Anyone can use it regardless of whether it is a paid or free license holder or a non-license holder.

Zoom Rooms is licensed to the conference room and can be used by anyone.
In the case of a Zoom meeting, the license is tied to an individual, so anyone without a license cannot host the meeting. In addition, the shared use of the license is not permitted.


③ Easy to start and end Zoom Rooms with touch panel operation

Zoom Rooms is operated using a tablet (controller). With a simple interface, anyone of any technical level can intuitively start MTG.


④ Since the PC is used as a terminal dedicated to video conferencing, it can always be used stably.

Video conferencing quality depends on CPU, memory, HDD capacity, etc. Dedicated PCs can be used more stably than personal PCs.


⑤ A highly satisfying meeting can be realized with a dedicated camera, microphone, and speaker.

A PC camera, microphone, and speakers are sufficient for a single operator.
However, when multiple participants gather in one place and participate in the meeting, “the angle of view is narrow and not all of them can be seen.”, “The sound of the speaker cannot be heard quietly.” The microphone does not pick up. ”
In addition to the above, in the case of Zoom Rooms, you can share the screen wirelessly regardless of whether the meeting is held or not, and you can use it as digital signage when you are not using it.



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