Why I am Not able to receive emails from Zoom

Not receiving emails from Zoom

Using the following information, you will be able to resolve any trouble you may encounter with Zoom emails, including notifications and activation emails.

Whenever you receive a notification related to your account, no-reply@zoom.us will receive the message.¬†Generally, Zoom’s emails are sent within a few minutes or so to most mail servers. However, some mail servers may take up to 30 minutes or more to receive Zoom’s emails.

Depending on whether your organization manages your email account or not, you may want to ask them to take care of this
There are no restrictions on the IP addresses that can be used with no-reply@zoom.us, or any of the following IP addresses:
Note : 

You will receive email notifications from Zoomus via support@zoomus.zendesk.com for support tickets.

How to check your Spam folder for emails from Zoom

It is possible, however, that some services have mistakenly marked these emails as spam, so it is worth checking your Spam folder for these emails as well.


  1. Please select more options.
  2. Click on Spam.
  3. Type no-reply@zoom.us into the search box.
Note :

When it comes to Gmail, you can also use the search box under the More menu tab to find no-reply@zoom.us in all your mail folders.


  1. Choose Junk Mail from the list of options.
  2. Look for no-reply@zoom.us in the search results.


  1. Please select Spam from the drop-down menu.
  2. Type noreply@zoom.us into the search box.

Getting in touch with Zoom Support is your next step if you are still unable to find the emails.