Why the zoom meeting times out

Receive a notification that the meeting will end in X minutes (timeout)

If you see this message despite being a paid account (paid users), you may not have logged in with the email address associated with your paid account.

Please log in again by the following method.

If you are using a desktop client or app

  1. Open the Zoom client and log out.
  2. Log in with the email address associated with your paid account.
  3. I will attend the meeting .

When joining a meeting with a web browser

  1. Log out at the website.
  2. Log in with the email address associated with your paid account .
  3. Click Join Meeting or join a meeting from My Meetings .

However, if the host hosting the meeting is a basic user, the meeting is limited to 40 minutes . We recommend that paid users schedule meetings.

Condition to time out

Depending on the type of account and the number of participants, the meeting may also time out if only one participant remains in the meeting.

The type of user who scheduled the meeting Free License (Basic) Paid license (professional or more)
Timeout is 24 hours It
time out after 24 hours regardless of the presence of host and the number of participants
Same left
Timeout is 40 minutes If the total number of hosts and participants is
3 or more
Exit after 40 minutes
if one host remains after all participants leave
Timeout 40 minutes exception When joining from Zoom Room in the same accountThe meeting will not time out in 40 minutes regardless of the number of participants. When
one host is left

Note: Even with paid license (Pro, Business, Education, Enterprise) accounts, users using a basic (free) license will have free user meeting time.

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