Windows shortcut key for Zoom App

Zoom shortcut key list

Windows shortcut key

F6: Move focus of the pop-up panel
Ctrl + Alt + Shift: Move focus to Zoom
ESC: Cancel full-screen display
Page UP/Page Down: Show next 25 / previous 25 when in gallery view
Alt: Control Toolbar Always ON / OFF
Alt + F1: Switch to Speaker View
Alt + F2: Switch to Gallery View
Alt + V: Video ON / OFF
Alt + A: Mute ON / OFF
Alt + M: Everyone Mute / Unmute (but not host) Host-only features
Alt + S: Start / End screen sharing (but when control toolbar is focused)
Alt + Shift + S: Start new screen sharing (but not), When the control toolbar is focused)
Alt + T: Pause/resume the screen display (but when the control toolbar is focused)
Alt + R: Start local recording
Alt + C: Start cloud recording
Alt + P: Pause / Resume recording
Alt + N: Switch camera
Alt + F: Fullscreen ON / OFF
Alt + H: Show/hide chat panel
Alt + U: Show / hide participant panel display
Alt + I: show invitation window
Alt + Q: end meeting