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Shared screen
Screen Sharing

How to share PowerPoint screen
Video sharing and playback
I want to share only part of the screen with Zoom
Share slides as virtual background
Is there a way to successfully share a PDF document on the screen with Zoom?
How to screen share Google Drive files on iOS
How to share Google Drive files on screen
How to hide received notifications while sharing screen on iOS
What is screen sharing?
How to start a screen sharing meeting?
Is there a whiteboard function?
[Host] How to prevent participants from sharing screens
Screen sharing (iOS mirroring)
iOS Airplay screen sharing protocol
Screen sharing (camera input)
Share video clips on screen
To make it full screen when sharing the screen
Request or give remote control
I want to annotate screens and materials during the shared screen
How to prevent participants from annotating the screen while sharing the screen
How to display the annotator’s name
How can I share high-quality videos and other materials?
About the window to select when sharing the screen of Powerpoint
Can I share the full desktop screen?
Share your iOS device screen using a cable
Shared screen (iOS)
I want to switch and share various applications while sharing the screen
Share computer sound during screen sharing
Dual monitor
Left and right display mode (shared on the screen)

Request or grant remote control privileges
Screen sharing for Keynote presentations
Addition of watermark function
When sharing the screen in full screen




[Administrator] I can’t hear any audio in the Zoom meeting. What should I do?
Background noise suppression
It will be automatically muted during a Zoom meeting. Why?
Mute all and unmute all
Noise canceling function
iOS audio settings
Audio echo during a meeting
Use the original sound
Enable stereo audio
Push To Talk
Join a Zoom meeting by phone
Zoom dial language support
Can I use Bluetooth headphones?
Can I join the meeting by dialing in? (Premium voice option)




Where is the recorded data saved?
How do I change the video layout of the participants?
Virtual background
Video / camera does not work on iOS
Video enhancements (appearance correction, low light correction, video filter)
Using dual monitors with the Zoom desktop client
Virtual background system requirements
Correct appearance (skin-beautifying function)
Use virtual background * Limited to iPhone 8 and later models
Can I connect an external camera to my smartphone and attend a Zoom meeting?
I want to control the camera of the other party
Function to correct the appearance (make the skin beautiful)
Orient the camera to the correct position from the video settings of the Zoom app
Gallery view for iPad
Fixed speaker video
Active speaker (video layout)
Video / camera is not working
Video or microphone off by participants
How to use dual monitor display
What types of video conference recordings can I make with Zoom?
How to test a video?
Camera video is not available on Macs running 10.7
Video does not work on Lenovo devices




Can meeting participants record the meeting?
Cloud records management and sharing
Delete local or cloud recordings
What is the capacity of cloud recording currently in use?
What settings should I make to prevent participants from recording locally and in the cloud?
Recording layout (video layout of recorded meeting)
What happens if I use all my cloud usage? Will recording stop?
Will the meeting be recorded automatically if the host does not attend and only free users attend?
Which is better recording quality, cloud recording or local recording?
Cloud recording
Local recording
[Company-wide management] I want to manage cloud records
When recording a meeting, about the time that can be recorded in the cloud 1GB
Automatic recording
Troubleshooting local recording conversion failure
If the host does not attend the meeting, can I record it?
I want to restore deleted cloud records
On-demand recording
When recording, about saving audio and video files
Streaming data storage destination Browsing method Communication charges are also compressed
Upload local records to the cloud
Cloud recording playback
Recording on iOS and Android
Windows 7 Media Player cannot play recording
Recording format
Good quality audio recording for accurate transcription
About the accuracy of transcription in Japanese


Allow cameras in Kaspersky and Zoom
Audio function cannot be used (iOS, Android)
During the meeting, the computer audio is automatically muted. What should I do now?
If a participant’s video screen goes black out during a meeting
Please tell me how to prevent the device from downloading the screen sharing materials during the meeting and the content shared in the chat inside / outside the meeting.
You may not be able to share materials. Which setting should I check?