Zoom Integration – API linkage, SSO, AD linkage, Office365 linkage

PC / Mac / Linux / plug-ins, etc.
The meeting could not be attended due to error 403 Forbidden. What should i do?
After starting up your PC / Mac Mini, Zoom Room will start up automatically. Can I change the settings?
How to get Mac crash log
Using Zoom Client and Zoom Rooms on Mac OS 10.14 Mojave
Linux troubleshooting log
Mac Outlook Plugin Troubleshooting Log
Computer Outlook Plugin Troubleshooting Log
PC troubleshooting log
Troubleshooting Mac logs
How to get MacOS installation log
Dump file generation on Windows
Creating a spindump file on Mac
Collecting Windows System Information (MSINFO)




Use Zoom for Microsoft Teams
Integrate with third-party services
Skype for Business / Lync integration
Pardot integration
Google calendar add-on
Use Zoom from Dropbox
About cooperation with Office 365



Single sign-on
Single Sign-On

[Administrator] Saving and checking the SAML response log
SSO pre-provisioning
Is it possible to prevent only some users from linking with SSO?
How can I unify the authentication method to single sign-on?
What happens to existing email authenticated users if I enable SSO later?
Set up Zoom in Azure
Is there a safe way to test single sign-on?
Sign in with SSO (single sign-on)
Can a user who links both email authentication and SSO authentication be deleted?
[Administrator] What happens to users who have not yet been SSO authenticated after deleting their email address authentication?
[Administrator] Set Zoom with OneLogin
[Administrator] Set Zoom with ADFS
[Administrator] Set Okta with Zoom
[Administrator] SAML mapping (basic and advanced)
[Administrator] If the “linked account” is an account with only SSO authentication, is it possible to transfer the data to the new email address when the email address changes?
[Administrator] SSO (single sign-on) settings
Cooperation with security groups on AD
About the developer of the App for Zoom’s Azure AD integration
Whether single sign-on linked with Active Directory or Azure AD is possible



Extensions and plugins
Set Zoom as the default for Google Calendar
Sync Zoom presence to Outlook
How to use Zoom Chrome extension
Skype for Business (Lync) plugin
Skype. However, very interesting alternatives have emerged to the well-known Microsoft Outlook Plugin



Customize vanity URL branding settings
[Administrator] Vanity URL Request Guidelines



Rest API/Mobile SDK
About PBX cooperation
About cooperation with O365 and BOX



LTI/LMS Systems
Try using LTI