Zoom Rooms compatible devices

We have tested the compatibility of the following products with Zoom Rooms software in the field as well.

Please visit Zoom Rooms Certified Devices page to find a list of the certified devices that can be used with Zoom Rooms

Type Make Model Description Zoom Rooms Certified
Appliance – ZR & ZRC Logitech Rally Bar + Tap Logitech Rally Bar appliance w/ Tap Controller
Appliance – ZR & ZRC Neat neat.bar + neat.pad Neat Bar Zoom Rooms System w/ Controller
Appliance – ZR + ZRC Poly 6230-86490-001 Studio X30 Appliance & TC8 Controller Enabled
Appliance – ZR + ZRC Poly 6230-86510-001 Studio X50 Appliance & TC8 Controller Enabled
Appliance – ZR + ZRC Poly 6230-86540-001 G7500 Appliance, TC8 controller & IP Microphones Enabled
Appliance – ZR & ZRC Yealink Yealink A20 + CTP18 Yealink A20 conference bar w/ CTP18 controller
Appliance – ZRS Neat neat.pad Neat Pad Zoom Rooms Scheduler
Audio – Accessory RDL TX-A2 RDL TX-A2 Mic to Line Converter
Audio – Accessory RDL TX-J2 RDL TX-J2 Line to Mic Converter
Audio – Accessory Shure A910-HCM MXA910 Hard Ceiling Mount
Audio – Accessory Shure CRT1 Rack Mount for Shure P300 or ANIUSB
Audio – Accessory Shure SB900A Shure ULXD Microphone Rechargeable battery