About Zoom security of communication route on cloud (SIP over TLS, SRTP, AES, etc.) in Zoom App

End-to-end content encryption (AES 256 bit), communication uses TLS.


Frequently Asked Questions


Mobile app and desktop client for Zoom Phone

With AES-256 encryption, SRTP is used to transport and protect media calls.

The following in-meeting security capabilities are available to the meeting host:
  • Encrypt a meeting to ensure its security.
  • Attendee waiting rooms can be created.
  • Before the meeting can begin, the host must be present.
  • Participants can be expelled or all participants can be expelled.
  • Participants’ activities are suspended.
  • Meetings can be locked.
  • Watermarks for screen shares.



Cloud Recording Storage: Cloud Recordings are processed and stored in Zoom’s cloud after the meeting has ended; these recordings can be password-protected or available only to people in your organization. Cloud recording and audio transcripts will be encrypted when an administrator enables cloud recordings and audio transcripts for a meeting.
At the bottom of your Zoom window, click the Security icon. Click the Lock Meeting button in the pop-up. Set up your meeting with a meeting ID and a passcode when scheduling it. Attendees can be informed privately of these details.
It will be possible to trick users into downgrading their Zoom client on May 25, 2022. There has been a security flaw discovered by a research team from Google’s Project Zero that causes the Zoom Client for Meetings and Zoom Rooms for Conference Room software to fail to check the installation version properly during the process of updating them.
Use Zoom security features during a meeting

You are invited to join your Zoom meeting. When you are in the meeting control, click the Security icon, then you can enable waiting rooms, lock meetings, remove participants, or any other function you like.

Each time a user on an account’s account has compromised credentials, account owners, admins, and other users assigned to receive Trust & Safety communications will receive an email notification.
Which is more secure, teams or individuals? There is no doubt that Teams is more robust when it comes to security, as is demonstrated in the comparison table above. It is true that Zoom allows for password-protected meetings as well as end-to-end encryption, but in comparison with Microsoft’s extensive security features, it is dwarfed by its capabilities.

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