Zoom Webinar subscriber information tracking-source tracking

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

About source tracking

If you share the webinar registration page in multiple places, source tracking will allow you to check the registrant’s information. By creating up to 20 individual registration URLs for each platform and sharing the URL information, you can check the number of visitors and number of registered users on the registration page.

If multiple source tracking URLs are used in the on demand webinar , all of the URLs will be written to the record after the webinar is complete.

Source tracking URLs are generated automatically and can not be customized.

Before you begin

  • Webinar License
  • Webinar scheduled by registration


Add Source Tracking Link

  • Log in to the Web portal of Zoom,My webinars ]  to go to.

  • Click the webinar agenda for which you want to set up tracking for registration information.
  • Scroll to the item that invites participants.
  • To track the source, click Edit for Approval on the Invitations tab.

  • Check Required in the registration field, and enter the URL on the tracking pixel field registration page.

  • Click Save All.

Display tracking results

  1. Log in to the Web portal of Zoom , [ My webinars ] to go to.
  2. Click on the webinar’s agenda to confirm your registration information.
  3. Scroll down the invitee tab participants to the Manage Participants item.

  • ” The participant management you can view the number of registered vehicles in the” item.
    Click [ View ] to check the names of registered and rejected/blocked registrants, email address, and registration date. Click [ Cancel registration ] to reject the approved registrant. If you want to dismiss pre-registrants to approval, Te switch to [Rejected / block tab, approval click].

  • You can also add reports in CSV format.
  • This report includes first and last name, email address, registration time, approval status, and any custom questions. Click Export Report as CSV File to download the report.