Work-from-anywhere hardware in Zoom App

To enhance the experience of working from anywhere, we provide guidance in this article on how to setup your desktop consistently. As part of the package, we will also recommend hardware for your backpack so that it operates seamlessly in both the home and office setting. There have also been some helpful details from Zoom regarding entry into the office and Zoom Room setups that have been provided.

There will need to be an increase in shared resources rather than allocated resources when plans to return to the office are being developed. With mobile devices in backpacks that can be taken anyplace with an internet connection, it will be much easier to reduce commercial real estate footprints, and to increase the feeling of being productive from anywhere! With a coordinated desktop space that enhances the home and workplace environment, it will help to reduce commercial real estate footprints. I have included below a list of recommended video and productivity systems, as well as some options for customizing your own setup to maximize your experience.

Mobile systems

The following are the components of the system that can be taken with you wherever you go, which is going to act as your primary productivity tools. In order to connect such a system to a home or the workplace setup through the use of a docking station, or to operate independently in the living room, the local cafe, or even in the back yard is possible.

  • Portable computer
    • Built-in camera
    • See recommended system specs
  • Headset with microphone
    • See supported USB HID devices for a list of compatible devices
    • Recommended:
      • Logitech Zone Wireless Plus
      • Jabra Evolve2 65
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Fixed systems

To ensure that a shared environment is created, seating counts are reduced, and spaces are best utilized for all employees, all while maintaining proper distances for cleaning and maintaining a safe environment, workplace and home stations with a single connection for audio and video connectivity will be crucial. It is no longer necessary to have dedicated office workstations in the office setting, but they are still a valuable tool. We have compiled a list of some hardware solutions for home and shared workstations that can coexist as seamless experiences both at home and at work.

  • Docking station (USB-C / USB-A)
    • Connect to hard wired Ethernet, secondary monitor, webcam, microphone
  • Heckler Design Laptop Stand (PC or Macbook)
  • Monitor(s)
    • HP Envy 27″ Monitor or Dual Bundle
  • USB camera
    • Logitech Brio or C930e
  • Audio system (home workstation)
    • Microphone options
      • USB microphones:
        • MXL AC44 or Shure MV51
      • Pro XLR Mic & Focusrite 2i2
    • Laptop integrated speakers or desktop speakers
  • Physical barrier (workplace workstation)
    • Steelcase Separation Screens
    • Poppin Separation Screens