Screen sharing video clips in Zoom App

Zoom optimizes screen sharing of full screen video clips to ensure that participants have the highest quality experience. While in full screen, it shows optimized video screen sharing for remote participants. Prerequisites Up to 1.5Mbps uplink and downlink for full screen HD Video full screen display How to optimize video clip screen sharing – Select … Read more

Share computer sounds during zoom screen sharing

Prerequisites Zoom Desktop Client for Mac or Windows Note: You can not share computer sounds while multiple screens are shared. How to share audio when sharing screen Click [ Share Computer Sound ] to share computer audio such as YouTube, Pandora, etc. during screen sharing .   Screen sharing with computer sounds when connected to meeting voice over phone … Read more

About the window to select when sharing the zoom screen of Powerpoint

About the window to select when sharing the zoom screen of Powerpoint

If you want to switch windows such as Powerpoint to browser while screen sharing, please share the desktop while screen sharing. When sharing windows Screen sharing displays only that window. When sharing the desktop Screen sharing selects the desktop. You can switch between windows and applications.   Related article How to share PowerPoint screen? To … Read more

How do I start a screen sharing meeting in zoom?

Start screen sharing meeting If you want to start an instant meeting (no video) or an audio-only meeting for screen sharing, you can start it by selecting Start Without Video on the Home tab . [ Start Without the video if you want the meeting to begin. Audio Meeting: Hold a meeting without sharing video or content (audio only). Share screen: Share content with … Read more

Screen Sharing (iOS) in Zoom Meeting App

Screen Sharing (iOS) in Zoom Meeting App

You can share the entire screen on iOS devices with iOS 11 or later. This allows you to share the app and other content. Before screen sharing, it is recommended to turn on Good Night Mode and share the screen. To share a screen on an iOS device iOS 11 or later Zoom mobile app for iOS version 1.18611.1228 and … Read more

Screen sharing (iOS mirroring) in zoom App

With iOS screen sharing With Zoom, you can use the Zoom desktop client to share iOS screens wirelessly and wiredly from your iPhone and iPad. You can also use iOS 11 or later screen recordings to share the entire iOS device screen . When sharing the iOS screen, it is recommended to turn on the good-night mode to avoid receiving unexpected notifications . Note: When  using screen … Read more