Call queue management in Zoom Phone

Overview Call queues can be used to route incoming calls to user groups. For example, you can transfer a call to an office billing, sales, or customer service representative. Each call queue can have up to 50 members. There are four call distribution options for call queues: Simultaneous: Call all members at the same time. Sequential: Call … Read more

Change Zoom Phone account level settings

overview Administrators can change the account-level settings that apply to all Zoom Phone extensions in the account (phone users, call queues, auto-reception, and common area phones). Content of this article: Company information account settings Settings tab Prerequisites Professional, business, or educational account Account owner or administrator privileges Zoom Phone License Company information To access company … Read more

View Call Quality Dashboard in Zoom Phone App

overview The Call Quality Dashboard allows you to see the overall quality of your voice calls and filter your data by extension ( phone users , shared area phones , call queues , auto pick , Zoom Room ). The Call Quality Dashboard uses Mean Opinion Score (MOS) to report voice quality. MOS measures voice quality on a scale of 1-5. A score of 1 indicates unacceptable voice quality … Read more

Manage company representative number and caller ID name in Zoom Phone

Overview If you are a Zoom account owner or administrator, you can view or change the company representative number you selected during initial setup. The company representative number can be used by an outside caller to contact the telephone user (dial the company representative number and the user’s extension). It can also be used as a caller … Read more

Bulk import and update of Zoom phone users

Overview As a Zoom account owner or administrator, if you want to assign more than 100 Zoom Phone licenses to an existing user, you can assign the licenses in bulk. When you assign a Zoom Phone license to a user, they are automatically assigned an extension number. After assigning a license, you can also change the phone user settings and assign a direct … Read more

Emergency contact settings and calls in Zoom Phone

Overview The emergency contact is the address provided to the first responder when calling an emergency call. You must add an emergency contact to your account before you can purchase a direct number. You can forward an emergency call to an emergency call center (PSAP) such as 9-1-1 , or to an internal team that handles emergency calls. Content of this article: Update emergency contacts … Read more

Manage multiple sites in Zoom Phone

overview By using the site, you can organize the telephone users in your organization. For example, you can create multiple sites based on your office location. Here are the benefits of having multiple sites: A main automatic receptionis assigned to each site, so you can forward calls to each site individually. Each site has its own caller ID name, phone … Read more

View Zoom Phone user and call queue usage reports

overview The Zoom Phone Usage Report displays usage data for call queues or Zoom Phone users over a specific time period . You can output up to 100,000 call records as a CSV file. For more detailed call queue statistics , please use the call queue real-time analytics and historical dashboard . Content of this article: View usage report Call queue Zoom Phone users View usage report … Read more

Management of automatic reception in Zoom Phone

overview Auto-receipt answers the call with a personalized recording and is forwarded to the phone user , call queue , common area phone , or voicemail. Set up automatic reception to be forwarded to the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system , allowing callers to select forwarding options. After creating the automatic reception, you can change the settings of each automatic reception . Prerequisites Professional, business, or educational account Account owner or administrator … Read more

Creating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System in Zoom App

overview Account owners, administrators, and auto-reception operators can transfer auto-reception to an interactive voice response (IVR) system. In the IVR system, the caller can use the dial pad to select forwarding options. For example, after connecting to the automatic reception, the IVR system will be presented with the following options: Dial 1 to connect to a phone … Read more