Zoom Contact Center Support

The Zoom Contact Center brings omnichannel functionalities, like voice and video, to the call-handling experience. Get Contact Center support for getting started, learning more about available settings and features, and troubleshooting technical issues.


Getting Started with Zoom Contact Center


Settings and Configuration for Zoom Contact Center

Learn more about the Zoom Contact Center settings, including roles, flows and other available configuration options using these support articles and training resources for the call center platform.

Zoom Contact Center admins can create and manage configured agent traits, called skills, to ensure customers are routed to the right agent when contacting your team. Use these knowledge base articles and support resources to configure your agent routing and learn more about skill options.

Agent Routing and Skills

Agents and Roles

Address Books

Flow Editor

The Zoom Contact Center flow editor is an easy-to-use graphical programming environment for creating and adjusting channel workflows. These knowledge base articles and support resources guide you through automating your customer engagements.

Zoom Contact Center Features

Learn more about Zoom Contact Center features including using controls, voice and video mail, and analytics data with how-to articles for optimizing your contact center solution experience.


Contact Center Controls

Enable Zoom Contact Center productivity by adding agent and supervisor capabilities and features in the Zoom desktop client. Learn more about using Contact Center controls with how-to articles and support resources for navigating the platform and functionalities.

Contact Center Inboxes