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Admin Management

Managing Account

Account owners and admins can change tiered settings that affect your entire Zoom account, in addition to establishing user roles, associated domains, and linking accounts to your organization. These support articles tell you how to effectively manage your Zoom account and settings.


Managing Groups and Users

Manage groups and users with these articles that help you understand how to add or remove users, assign licenses, and enable settings based on your organization’s preferences.


Account owners and admins can access valuable data related to your Zoom account and usage through the Report section of the Zoom web portal. These support articles tell you how to use various reporting dashboards and analyze data to understand how your team uses your Zoom products.


Managing Educational Accounts


Security and Firewall

Securing your Zoom Account

and how to resolve untrusted certificate issues so your account stays secure.

Securing your Zoom Meetings

Zoom’s virtual meeting platform comes with numerous security features designed to manage remote meetings, control access to your meetings, and prevent disruptions so users can communicate securely. These articles and training materials teach you how to keep your Zoom video conferencing safe and secure.


Network and Firewall


Device Management

Device management is the administration of devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, in a centralized location. These support articles tell you how to manage devices as an account admin and configure Zoom on mobile devices remotely.