Zoom Instant meetings and scheduled meetings

Overview There are two types of meetings: instant meetings and scheduled meetings. Content of this article: Scheduled meeting Instant meeting Desktop client Web browser Scheduled meeting Hosts can schedule non-regular and regular meetings. There are multiple ways to schedule a meeting. You can invite participants before the meeting starts by sending the meeting information via … Read more

how to hold a Zoom meeting without a host

Overview Zoom provides a way to hold and continue a meeting even if the host is unable to attend after scheduling the meeting. This article describes the host-absent meeting pattern. Enable pre-host participation Specify an alternate host Share the host key with stakeholders in advance Assign a new host when leaving Enable pre-host participation This is … Read more

Client-based calendar integration to synchronize Zoom meetings and webinars

Overview You can configure client-side calendar integration to synchronize Zoom meetings and webinars on the Outlook client with the Windows Zoom desktop client. This mode of calendar integration requires the use of a MAPI framework that, unlike other calendar synchronization methods, relies on the Zoom client to communicate directly with the Outlook client without connecting through a server. This is especially useful if your organization is using an on-premises Exchange environment where customers may not be able to provide Zoom access to calendar data directly from the Exchange … Read more

Can I change the default zoom invitation message when using Google Calendar?

Can I change the default zoom invitation message when using Google Calendar

You can not change the Invitation default message. After creating the default message, please change the message if necessary.   Related article About individual meeting ID and meeting URL for each scheduled meeting Schedule a meeting at Zoom Rooms (Google Calendar) Google calendar add-on What settings should I make to prevent participants from recording locally … Read more

How to integrate/delete calendar on Zoom desktop client

How to integrate/delete calendar on Zoom desktop client

What you can do with calendar integration The Zoom meeting and webinar information on the user’s calendar can be linked to the Zoom client, making it easy to join the Zoom meeting. If the meeting participation link is not linked, the meeting will not be displayed. Calendar integration is compatible with Google Calendar, Office 365, … Read more

Scheduling proxy authority in Zoom App

Scheduling proxy authority in Zoom App

Scheduling agent authority is the authority for the user (host) or manager’s manager, executive secretary. Instead, you can assign or delegate users or multiple users to your account to schedule meetings. You can also schedule a meeting yourself instead of a single user (or multiple users) who has been granted scheduling privileges. Hosts and users … Read more