Zoom Events Support

Use the Zoom Events all-in-one platform to host interactive experiences for virtual attendees. Find Zoom Event support for virtual hosts and attendees with getting started guides and instructional support articles so you can troubleshoot and resolve technical issues.

Getting Started with Zoom Events


The Zoom Events platform creates an immersive virtual-event experience for attendees. Learn how Zoom Events works with the Getting Started Guides for event Admins, Hosts and Attendees, and find answers to frequently asked questions related to the platform.

Settings and Configuration for Zoom Events

Zoom Event hosts must purchase and assign a Zoom Events license in order to set up Zoom Events in the platform. These articles include how-to instructions for licenses, adding payments options, tax details and define events roles and permissions.


Zoom Events Features

Zoom Events features are accessed through the Zoom Events platform. These support articles help you learn about features available to Attendees and Hosts, including registration, payment options, and creating Zoom Events Hubs.


Attending Zoom Events

Zoom Events offers free and paid events. Learn more about registering for an event and purchasing tickets with these support resources.

Hosting Zoom Events

Zoom Events makes it easy to manage registration and payment for your events and build an events Hub for past and upcoming events. These support articles tell you how to send event-wide communications and how to create a Hub.