Use Q&A(question-answer) function in Zoom Webinar/Meeting

Use Q&A(question-answer) function in Zoom Webinar

The webinar Q And A feature allows participants to ask questions during the webinar. Panelists, co-owners, and hosts can answer questions. With the public Q&A feature, attendees can answer each other’s questions and, if enabled, can also like each other’s questions. The following describes the process of how Q&A works, from the questions the attendees … Read more

About Zoom App screen layout types

In active speaker view The main speakers are displayed at maximum. In the gallery view Each participant will divide the screen equally. PC is 49 splits (split screens can be scrolled if more users are connected) In the case of a smartphone 4 division Related article Show participants in gallery view When sharing the screen … Read more

How to start a zoom webinar (from preparation to the day)

How to start a zoom webinar (from preparation to the day)

<Preparation-by the day> 1. Meeting ID & URL issued Meeting ID issued from Zoom web page ※ Please refer to the operation manual of Zoom briefing session .   2. Please check the following options in the meeting options. ・Set [ Enable / Disable ] of the host’s previous participation   The participants at the time of entry muteto  Set … Read more

How to schedule a zoom webinar that requires registration

How to schedule a zoom webinar that requires registration

Benefits of scheduling webinars that require registration Information can be collected in advance via registration customization . You can automatically approve all registered people or manually approve attendees. You can configure the host to send an email each time someone registers. You can limit the number of registrants. Note: If the number of registered users exceeds the … Read more

Schedule a zoom webinar that does not require registration

When scheduling a webinar that does not require registration Attendees can attend without signing up in advance. However, attendees must enter their name and email address when joining. If you schedule a webinar that requires registration , you can collect additional information such as pre-surveys. Before starting a registration-free webinar A webinar plan in which 100 people, 500 people, 1000 … Read more

Administrator-Zoom Webinar report creation

There are five webinar reports. Registration Report: Displays a list of registrants and registration details. Participant Report: Display the details of each participant. Performance report: View engagement statistics for registration, participation, and feedback. Q & A Report: Display the questions and answers from the webinar. Voting report: View a poll report for each participant. Participant … Read more

Managing Zoom Webinar Panelists

With panelist Panelists can join the webinar interactively. Panelists can view and send videos, shared screens, annotations, and more. Hosts must be assigned panelist privileges. The host can also stop the panelist’s video, screen sharing, recording, etc. For more information on inviting and inviting panelists as webinar hosts, see Invited Panelists To A Webinar. Before … Read more

How to schedule a regular zoom webinar

How to schedule a regular zoom webinar

Zoom allows you to schedule regular webinars on specific dates. Webinars can be scheduled to occur daily, weekly or monthly. Requirements for Scheduling a Regular Webinar Webinar add-on purchased Pro users (100, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000) Schedule a regular webinar Login with your Zoom account and go to the My Webinar tab. Click the schedule webinar … Read more

Streaming webinars on Facebook Workplace with Zoom Webinar App

What you can do with a webinar on Facebook Workplace Participants join the webinar from Zoom as a panelist or viewer View from Facebook Workplace Send Annotation Deliver live meetings in the Workplace Start and join meetings easily from the Workplace Requirements Webinar License Start a webinar on Facebook Workplace Start a webinar as a … Read more