How to Record Zoom video in Cloud

How to Record Zoom video in Cloud

Cloud recording commentary video Cloud recording is automatically available to all paid subscribers. If you record a meeting and select “Record in Cloud” , video, audio and chat text will be recorded in Zoom Cloud. Recording files are stored in My Recordings and can be downloaded to your computer or shared via a link. This feature can also be limited by hierarchy … Read more

Zoom Rooms check-in/check-out function

Overview ZoomRooms has check-in / check-out capabilities that maximize room utilization. When this option is turned on, the user must either start a reserved Zoom meeting or check in to keep the room reserved. If you do not check-in within the certain time set by the administrator, the room reservation will be canceled and made … Read more

Zoom Rooms Features (Updated)

Overview The Zoom Rooms application runs on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Android operating systems ( OS ). Available functions vary depending on the OS. The following will help you evaluate your Zoom Rooms solution and determine the appropriate OS for your setup. function * Only supported on Poly X30 and Poly X50 devices. Support for Neat devices is scheduled for spring 2020 .     unction … Read more

How to customize the content displayed in Zoom Rooms (video, content being shared on the screen, etc.)

Overview You can customize the default screen display on one, two, or three displays. You need to extend the display to customize it for multiple monitors. Prerequisites Zoom Rooms for Mac Version: 5.53011.0603 and above Zoom Rooms for PC Version:  3.5.55999.0630 and above Zoom Room iPad controller version: 3.1.52404.0530 and above Administrator privileges procedure There are two steps to … Read more

Remote upgrade of Zoom Rooms

Overview If your iPad or Mac OS device is registered with Zoom’s Device Management Service (ZDM), you can upgrade your device from the same management portal. Prerequisites To remotely upgrade the Zoom Rooms Controller for iPad, you must meet the following requirements: App Store auto-update is disabled on Zoom Rooms controller for iPad No device passcode is set on the Zoom Room controller for the iPad Zoom Room Controller for iPad is set to monitoring mode ( automatically set to “monitoring … Read more

How to Count the participants of Zoom Rooms (Administrator)

Zoom Room can automatically count the number of participants in your Zoom Rooms and display the number of participants on the dashboard. If you enable this feature, you must ensure that you are in compliance with local regulations and laws, notify you as necessary, and obtain your consent. Content of this article: Enable the function … Read more

Error: When “Zoom Rooms” says “This room is not available” 100% solved


The cause of the error is displayed in ” Issues: ” in the error screen . If ” Preferred (microphone / Speaker / camera) is disconnected. ” Is displayed, The microphone, speaker, or camera device is not connected to the PC, so Check the connection between the device and the PC to confirm that the error is eliminated. Please refer to the following. ※ … Read more

About starting recording in Zoom Rooms

About starting recording in Zoom Rooms

Instant meetings require the host user’s email address to record. Scheduled meetings do not appear because the person who scheduled the meeting is the host. ※ Instant Meeting = Meeting started by pressing the ” Meet Now ” button on the Rooms controller   Related article Record with Zoom Rooms Recording in a multi-display environment What to do if the … Read more

Customize Video and Content Display in Zoom App

Customize Video and Content Display in Zoom App

Overview You can customize the default screen display on one, two, or three displays. Prerequisites ZoomRoom version for Mac: 5.53011.0603 or higher ZoomRoom version for PC:  3.5.55999.0630 or higher ZoomRoom’s iPad controller version: 3.1.52404.0530 or higher Description: There are two steps to customizing a display for video or content by default (if you have two or three displays). If … Read more

Zoom Rooms PBX Support in Zoom App

Zoom rooms can be enabled with the phone feature without the need to physically call the room. There are two options: Zoom Room Callout or Outgoing Calls Only Zoom room  as a SIP phone client for incoming and outgoing calls using internal PBX systems such as Cisco’s CUCM, Avaya, Shoretel, RingCentral. You can dial another … Read more