Zoom Webinar Support

This post was most recently updated on April 1st, 2022

Host interactive online events with Zoom Webinar and video webcasts. Find support for webinar hosting or joining, registration, additional settings and resolving technical issues.

Getting Started with Zoom Webinar

  • Getting started with webinar
  • Roles in a Zoom Webinar
  • On-demand webinars


Settings and Configuration for Zoom Webinar

Learn more about Zoom Webinar tracking pixels, customized email templates and brand settings, and other setting options with support articles and training resources to configure a virtual Zoom Webinar.

  • Enabling Allow livestreaming of webinars
  • Enabling webinar surveys
  • Enabling polling for webinars
  • Customizing webinar branding settings
  • Customizing webinar email templates
  • Customizing webinar email settings
  • Creating webinar registration tracking links
  • Configuring Zoom Webinar with PayPal
  • Using Facebook Pixel with Zoom
  • Enabling/disabling webinar tracking pixel

Zoom Webinar Features

Zoom offers a variety of features to enhance your virtual webinar experience while using Zoom Webinar. These support articles tell you how to use webinar features as the host, panelist, or attendee and how to schedule your next large event or public broadcast.

Scheduling Webinars

With Zoom Webinar, hosts can schedule a virtual webinar with or without registration using webinar templates and preconfigured settings. These support articles tell you about the available scheduling options so you can schedule your next online event.

  • Scheduling a webinar with registration
  • Scheduling a webinar without registration
  • Customizing webinar registration
  • Polling for webinars
  • Advanced polling and quizzing for webinars
  • Adding or importing panelists to a webinar
  • Scheduling a recurring webinar
  • Webinar templates
  • Importing webinar registrants by CSV upload

Hosting Webinars

Zoom Webinar allows hosts and designated panelists to remain the focus of the scheduled virtual webinar. Use these support articles to learn how to use available hosting features like managing attendees, gathering polling responses and generating post-webinar reports.

  • Webinar practice session
  • Managing attendees and panelists in a webinar
  • Using Q and A as the webinar host
  • Managing webinar live stream redirect
  • Webinar reports
  • Using post-webinar survey and reporting
  • Host live webinars with pre-recorded presentation


Attending Webinars

  • Joining and participating in a Zoom Webinar
  • Chatting in a Zoom Webinar
  • Raising your hand in a webinar