How to change the settings of Zoom Rooms

This post was most recently updated on June 8th, 2022 After signing in from the Web, a list of created rooms will be displayed, so click the ” Edit” button for the room you want to change .The setting screen of the room is displayed, so change the settings and click the ” Save Changes” button in the lower right . ※ If you … Read more

Are there functional differences between Zoom Rooms controllers? (IOS, Android, Windows)

There are three types of Zoom Rooms controllers: iOS, Android, and Windows, and there are differences in functions depending on the OS. We are considering that there will be no functional differences, but the release date is pending.   Related article What to do if the Zoom Rooms controller becomes unavailable (iPad update related) How … Read more

[Administrator] Set up Zoom Rooms on Exchange 2013/2016

When calendar resources are integrated with Zoom Room, the room’s TV display, controller, and scheduling display will show the meetings scheduled for that room. Benefits of integrating with Exchange 2013/2016  Users in your account can schedule meetings in Zoom Room by inviting the meeting room to a meeting. Meeting rooms are assigned as calendar resources … Read more

Zoom Room Controller Features

Zoom Rooms must be associated with a controller. The following devices can be controllers. iPad Android tablet Crestron Mercury (same function as Android tablet) Windows 10 tablet Exception: Exception because the Zoom Room touch screen for Touch has a built-in controller function. The Zoom Room for Touch works with or without a controller. However, we … Read more