Zoom Phone System Support

Zoom’s enterprise phone software is the phone solution for your organization’s business phone system. Get Zoom phone support with administrative and user phone settings, phone porting and more to troubleshoot your technical issues.


Getting Started with Zoom Phone

Use Zoom’s Getting Started Guides and how-to tutorials to configure your Zoom Phone services and account, understand available features, learn how to use Zoom Phone, and find answers to frequently asked questions related to the cloud phone solution.

Settings and Configuration for Zoom Phone

Learn more about Zoom’s enterprise phone software user settings, routing methods and configuration of desk phones and devices, emergency calling, number porting with support articles and training resources for Zoom’s phone solution configuration and settings.

Phone User Settings

Zoom Phone calling features have been designed to give your users a flexible, mobile, and powerful cloud phone system. Use the desktop client, mobile app, or provisioned desk phone to make/receive calls, transfer calls, view voicemail, record calls, elevate calls to a meeting, and more.

Call Routing Methods

With call routing, incoming Zoom Phone system calls are automatically routed to a designated user or group of phone users. Learn more about available call routing methods and configuration so your team can manage incoming calls efficiently.

Phone Users and Extensions

Phone Numbers

Use these support articles to manage your Zoom direct phone numbers, export and assign phone numbers to users, and configure your company’s caller ID name and number through Phone System Management in the Zoom web portal.

Provisioning Desk Phones and Devices

Provision phones and hardware to use them with Zoom Phone. Use desk phone provision templates and other provisioning guides to perform advanced provisioning configurations.

Managing Desk Phones and Devices

Manage desk phones and devices for the Zoom Phone platform with customizable settings and configurations for your specific device set in the Zoom we portal. Use these support articles to enable and change phone settings based on your team’s device needs, like configuring common area phone settings or making account-level changes.

Zoom Phone Appliances

Zoom Phone Appliances are available from authorized resellers, like Poly and Yealink, as part of the Zoom Hardware-as-Service program. Learn how to enable and use appliances with our Zoom Phone Appliance user and admin guides and convert a previously provisioned Zoom Phone device to an appliance.

Emergency Calling and Services

Set enhanced emergency calling location addresses and define optional emergency call intercept and redirect rules. Configure nomadic emergency services that implement a location-aware system to pass locations for emergency calls.


Call Logs and Reports

Call logs and Zoom Phone reports are accessed through the Zoom web portal. Learn how to view and export usage and data reports, subscribe to email notifications for generated logs and reports, and use the Zoom Phone Dashboard to analyze call quality.


Setting up SMS 

Power Pack Settings

Number Porting

Procure new and/or migrate phone numbers from your existing service provider. Zoom Phone provides local telephony service across 45+ countries, and toll free service in 29 countries allowing businesses to consolidate phone system requirements on a single, unified platform.

Account and Site Settings for Zoom Phone

You can manage your account and site-level Zoom Phone settings in the Zoom web portal. Learn more about available settings, like customizing default audio settings and implementing policy settings for users to configure your Zoom Phone account across your sites.

Advanced Phone Admin Settings

Zoom Phone account administrators have access to advanced admin settings like encryption for Zoom Phone and managing incoming and outbound blocked numbers. Use these support articles to learn more about the available settings and how to enable them

Zoom Phone Features

Learn more about Zoom’s cloud phone calling features including using call controls, SMS texting, desk phone hardware features, and the Zoom Phone Power Pack for an advanced desktop experience with how-to articles for optimizing your business phone experience.

Call Controls

Learn more about using the Zoom Phone interface and call controls with how-to articles and support resources for making and receiving calls, transferring a call, and using other call control features on the desktop client or mobile app.

Using SMS

Desk Phone Features

Learn how to use desk phone features like shared line Contacts and Channels . You can add contacts, create contact groups, call delegation and additional customizable features depending on your desk phone device.


Using Power Pack

Voicemail, History, and Call Recordings

Troubleshooting Zoom Phone


If you are receiving a Zoom Phone error code on your device, your outbound calls are being blocked, or you’re experiencing another technical issue with Zoom enterprise phone software or hardware, use these support resources to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.