Live Streaming Zoom Webinars on a Custom Platform

If configured with an administrator account, webinars can be delivered live streaming on a custom platform. If you do this before the webinar starts, you can start streaming with a single click after the webinar starts. This page explains the following items. Enable Custom Live Streaming as Administrator Set up custom live streaming before the webinar … Read more

How to manage zoom webinar participants (panelists, viewers)

Webinars can be attended by both panelists and attendees, and you can manage both as hosts. Panelist Join in a complete way like a meeting. Panelists can view and send videos, screen sharing, annotations, etc. The webinar can be attended by 100 panelists (including the host). Attendee I participate in the form of reading only. … Read more

Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function)

Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function)

Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function)? The host and the panelist can operate and prepare the Zoom control to get familiar with the operation before starting the webinar. Requirements for doing a practice session Webinar registration (creation) or Have a webinar license and can create webinars from this How to use the practice session function … Read more

How to use zoom webinar host control

The host has the highest level of control in the webinar. <Host control when screen is not shared> What you can do with host control Mute / Unmute:  You can mute and unmute the microphone. Audio settings (up arrow next to Mute / Unmute): Audio settings allow you to change the microphone and speakers that Zoom uses … Read more

Why the zoom meeting times out

Receive a notification that the meeting will end in X minutes (timeout) If you see this message despite being a paid account (paid users), you may not have logged in with the email address associated with your paid account. Please log in again by the following method. If you are using a desktop client or app Open the Zoom … Read more