OnZoom Support

OnZoom supports creativity and innovation through virtual events and experiences offered in OnZoom’s online event platform and marketplace. Find help creating or attending an event with OnZoom Support for virtual hosts and attendees.


Getting Started with OnZoom


Settings and Configuration for OnZoom


OnZoom hosts must be granted permission to host events if they are not the Zoom account owner or administrators. Use these Setting and Configuration support articles for more information on managing your OnZoom account, enabling notification settings and configuring payment options.

OnZoom Features

OnZoom has many features available to enhance the virtual event experience from registration through attendance. Use these how-to articles to learn more about features for hosts and attendees as well as find answers to frequently asked questions about OnZoom events.


Attending OnZoom Events


OnZoom attendees can pick from a variety of free and paid virtual events to attend. Use these support articles to understand how to purchase a ticket, manage payment methods, and get answers to other frequently asked questions about joining an OnZoom event.

Hosting OnZoom Events

As an OnZoom Host, use these articles to find answers to frequently asked questions about hosting virtual events on the OnZoom marketplace, and learn how to create an event series, prevent disruptions during an event, and utilize other OnZoom hosting features.


Troubleshooting OnZoom