Zoom Rooms and Workspaces Support

Create a virtual conference room and hybrid workspaces with Zoom Rooms and Workspaces. Get started with Zoom Room setup and configuration with our how to guides and troubleshoot and resolve issues using our workspace feature support articles.


Getting Started with Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are modern workspaces for hybrid teams that allow in-person and remote participants to collaborate in real time. Use Zoom Room Guides and how-to tutorials to get started with Zoom Rooms and appliances, understand firewall configuration and learn how to sign in to a Zoom Room to join or start a meeting.

Settings and Configuration for Zoom Rooms

Learn more about Zoom Rooms and Workspaces admin settings, workstation and room display configurations, rooms controllers and device management options and calendar integration with support articles and training resources to setup a virtual conference room and hybrid workspace.


Room System Admin Settings

Learn more about Zoom Rooms and Workspaces admin settings with support articles and training resources to set up a virtual conference room and hybrid workspace.


Zoom for Home allows users to join meetings from their remote workspace with a dedicated device. Learn how to configure your device and set up your workstation so you can work from home.


Zoom Rooms Controller

Learn how to add, configure and manage controllers for your Zoom Rooms using these support articles and resources.

Updating Zoom Rooms

Room System Audio Settings

Learn about Zoom Room audio settings so you can eliminate echo, enable daily audio testing, and configure Alexa devices for your Zoom Room appliances.


Zoom Room Displays

Zoom Rooms have many display options including customized backgrounds and upcoming meeting reservations.These support articles teach you how to configure your display and set up additional functionalities for your workspace.


Calendar Integration

Integrate your Zoom Rooms with your organization’s calendar resource so team members can view and reserve meetings scheduled for the room. These articles tell you how to set up Zoom Rooms with different calendar platforms.

Zoom Device Management (ZDM)

Zoom Device Management (ZDM) is a centralized room and device management tool that provides administrators with additional remote functionality on Zoom Room devices. Use these support articles to get started with Zoom Device Management and learn how to enable available settings on shared equipment.

Zoom Rooms Specifications

Advanced Hardware Guides

Advanced Hardware Guides


Zoom Rooms Features

Learn more about Zoom Room and Workspace in-meeting controls, or Zoom Room feature comparisons based on your device with support articles and how-to resources for using virtual conference room features.

Zoom Room In-Meeting Controls

Zoom Rooms in-meeting controls appear on your controller and allow you to control multiple aspects of your meetings. These support articles tell you about in-meeting control features and how to use them.


Starting or Joining with a Room System

Use these support articles to learn how to start or join a meeting on different devices and invite additional participants using Zoom Room systems.

Zoom Room Feature Comparisons

Troubleshooting Zoom Rooms

If you are experiencing audio or hardware issues with your Zoom Rooms setup, these support articles can help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue you are encountering.



The SIP/H.323 Room Connector is a gateway for H.323 and SIP devices. Use these support articles to learn how to get started, join meetings from SIP/H.323 devices, and manage rooms.

Getting Started with SIP/H.323 Room Systems

Get started with SIP/H.323 room systems with getting started guides, Conference Room Connector support articles, and other SIP/H.323 configuration resources including connecting and managing your rooms with Zoom.

Joining Meetings from a SIP/H.323 Device

Learn how to join or start a meeting from a SIP or H.323 based room system, as well as how to use other in-meeting feature, like video layouts, recording, and more with these Zoom support articles.

Room Management

  • Room Management – p

Troubleshooting SIP/H.323


Troubleshoot SIP/H.323 room system technical issues using these support articles and technical resources related to your SIP and H.323 devices.