Zoom Basic Setting, Download, Install and Setup

This post was most recently updated on May 6th, 2022

Everything you need to get started with Zoom. From downloading and installing the Zoom client for your device to instructions for using our video conference platform. Running into technical issues? We have troubleshooting resources as well.


Zoom App Download and Install


Download Zoom App

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, and is also available for manual download here.

Download Center

Visit the Zoom Download Center to download the latest version of the Zoom Client for your device.


Zoom App Installation

Zoom System Requirements


Update Zoom

  • Upgrading Zoom to the latest version   -p
  • Viewing the Zoom version number    -p
  • 9-month release window   -p
  • Automatic update release frequencies   -p


  Zoom Set Up Setting


  • Change your language on Zoom   -p
  • Using Siri with Zoom    -p
  • Using Android Fingerprint Authentication   -p
  • Configuring the Zoom for Chrome PWA    -p
  • Configuring Zoom on Chrome OS   -p


  • Frequently asked questions for admins    -p
  • POC for Zoom meetings guidelines     -p
  • Participating in Zoom beta programs    -p




Zoom Use and Learning

Software Guides

  • Getting started on Windows and macOS    -m
  • Getting started with Android   -p
  • Getting started with the Zoom web client     -p
  • Getting started with iOS       -p
  • Getting started on Chrome OS   -p
  • Desktop client, mobile app, web client, and PWA comparison   -p
  • Using Zoom for Chrome PWA   -p


Using Zoom

  • Frequently asked questions     – p
  • Getting started guide for new users  -p
  • Join My Meeting via Browser     -p
  • Meeting and webinar comparison   -p
  • Starting the Zoom desktop client    -p
  • Minimizing and exiting Zoom   -p
  • Accessibility Statement   -p
  • Using Zoom on a laptop   -p


Optimize Use

  • Changing your Virtual Background image   -p
  • Improving poor video quality   -p
  • Using blurred background   -p
  • Using focus mode    -p


  • Free online Zoom training webinars
  • Zoom how-to video tutorials
  • Zoom Learning Center
  • Meeting and Webinar best practices
  • Zoom Online Event Consulting Services


Video Tutorials




Zoom Basic Troubleshoot



  • Troubleshooting Zoom video crashes   -p
  • Not able to receive emails from Zoom   -p
  • Allowing camera and mic access in Kaspersky    -mm
  • Sending a problem report and client logs   -p
  • Self-escalating support tickets   -p




  • Using the Zoom client and Zoom Rooms with macOS   -p
  • Troubleshooting log for Outlook Plugin on macOS   -p
  • Troubleshooting log for macOS   -p
  • MacOS Big Sur black screen when screen sharing  -p
  • Finding crash logs on macOS   -p
  • Finding install logs for macOS   -p
  • Creating a Spindump file on macOS   -p