Zoom Meetings Support

This post was most recently updated on May 7th, 2022

Join, collaborate, and connect through Zoom’s virtual meeting platform capabilities. Get help with video conferencing and remote meetings from scheduling and joining a meeting to troubleshooting technical issues, like error codes and meeting launch failure.


Getting Started with Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings place everyone in a virtual meeting space with equal audio, video, and collaboration capabilities. Learn how Zoom works with how-to training materials for starting a Zoom meeting, defining meeting roles, and other virtual meeting tips for video conferencing.

  • Joining a Zoom meeting
  • Joining a Zoom meeting anonymously
  • Joining a Zoom meeting without an account     -d
  • What is Zoom Video Conferencing?      -d
  • How do I host an instant meeting?   -d
  • Starting Your Instant Meeting vs Scheduling a Meeting  -d
  • Inviting others to join a meeting   -d
  • Roles in a meeting    -d
  • Meeting and Webinar IDs    -d

Settings and Configuration for Zoom Meetings

Account owners, admins, and users can configure meeting settings in the web portal and Zoom desktop client. These articles include detailed instructions for enabling and disabling in-meeting settings, from security features to basic and advanced meeting options.

Desktop Client Settings

After downloading the Zoom desktop client, you can configure personal application settings to tailor your Zoom experience. These remote meeting support articles provide how-to instructions for enabling and changing various Zoom application settings on your computer.

Security Settings

Security Settings

Protect your virtual meetings with Zoom’s security settings and features on the web portal. These support articles teach you how to enable security settings to protect your Zoom meetings from hackers and unwanted participants, with methods such as requiring authentication and meeting passcodes to address your privacy concerns.

  • Getting started with Zoom security and privacy  -p
  • Requiring meetings to have one security option  -p
  • In-meeting security options  -p
  • Waiting Room  -p
  • Allowing only authenticated users in meetings  -p
  • Requiring authentication to join a meeting/webinar  -p
  • Joining from specific countries/regions  -p
  • End-to-end (E2EE) encryption for meetings  -p
  • Embedding meeting passcode in invite link  -p
  • Requiring a passcode for phone participants  -p
  • Enabling Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client   -p
  • Archiving indicators  -p
  • May 2020: Passcode and security settings  -p

Schedule Settings

Meeting hosts can configure settings before a meeting, including meeting reminders, and participants’ audio and video permissions under Schedule Meeting in the web portal. Use these tutorials and support articles to understand and configure various settings before scheduling your virtual meeting.

  • Allow participants to join before host  -p
  • Enabling audio type  -p
  • Enabling participants video  -p
  • Zoom Meeting and Webinar passcodes  -p
  • Muting all participants when they join a meeting  -p
  • Enabling Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings  -;p
  • Bypassing passcode when joining a meeting  -p


Basic In-Meeting Settings

As a Zoom meeting user, you can configure your account’s preferred basic in-meeting settings in the web portal. Use these support articles to understand how to enable (or disable) in-meeting chat, provide nonverbal feedback, or join multiple meetings simultaneously.

  • Enabling or disabling in-meeting chat  -p
  • Disable Private Chats  -p
  • Enabling auto saving chats  -p
  • Nonverbal feedback and meeting reactions  -p
  • Enabling classic Whiteboard  -p
  • Enabling polling for meetings  -p
  • Allowing participants to rename themselves  -p
  • Hiding participant profile pictures in a meeting webinars  -p
  • Enabling sound notifications for meetings  -p
  • Allowing participants/panelists to rejoin  -p
  • Joining different meetings simultaneously  -p
  • End-of-meeting experience feedback survey  -p
  • Enabling meeting surveys  -p

Advanced In-Meeting Settings

As a Zoom meeting host, you can optimize your video conferencing experience with your account’s advanced in-meeting settings. These how-to resources and articles tell you how to enable breakout rooms, add closed captions, and configure other available advanced setting options in the Zoom web portal.

  • Enabling Allow livestreaming of meetings
  • Enabling breakout rooms
  • Enabling or disabling closed captioning and live transcription services  -p
  • Enabling stereo audio  -p
  • Enabling remote support  -p
  • Enabling Report to Zoom  -p
  • Requesting permission to unmute participants  -p
  • Showing “Always Join from Browser” option  -p
  • Identifying guests in the meeting/webinar  -p
  • Showing default email when sending email invites  -p
  • Enabling or disabling Show a “Join from your browser” link  -p
  • Archiving settings for meetings and webinars  -p
  • Enabling public event list  -p
  • Enabling Peer to Peer connection for 2 people in a meeting  -p
  • Restrict in-meeting features for users joining meetings  -p

Additional Meeting Settings

As a Zoom meeting host, you can optimize your video conferencing experience with your account’s advanced in-meeting settings. These how-to resources and articles tell you how to enable breakout rooms, add closed captions, and configure other available advanced setting options in the Zoom web portal.

  • Enabling or disabling Display meetings scheduled for others  -p
  • Scheduling privilege  -p
  • Transferring meetings between devices  -p
  • Emailing hosts when attendees join first  -p
  • Customizing meeting email templates  -p
  • Enabling Blur snapshot on iOS app switcher  -p
  • Post-attendee URL  -p
  • Adding phone dial-in contacts  -p

Tools and Hardware

  • Zoom meeting controls with CarPlay  -p
  • MacBook Pro Touch bar controls  -p
  • Educating from home  -p
  • Work-from-anywhere hardware  -p

Zoom Meeting Features

Zoom offers a variety of features to enhance your video conferencing experience while using Zoom Meetings. These support articles tell you how to use meeting features as the host or participant and how to create, schedule, and live stream meetings.

Participating in Meetings

Many Zoom Meeting feature articles are available for meeting participants to help you learn more about the Zoom interface, how to actively participate in meetings, and available participant controls so you can meet on Zoom effectively.

  • Participant controls in a meeting  -p
  • Waiting for the host to start meeting/webinar  -p
  • Chatting in a Zoom meeting
  • Sending a file in meetings and webinars  -p
  • Participating in breakout rooms  -p
  • Viewing closed captioning/live transcription  -p
  • Reporting inappropriate behavior  -p
  • Hot keys and keyboard shortcuts  -p
  • Active App Notifier  -p
  • Ensuring accessible dial-in numbers  -p
  • Using Zoom on a foldable device  -p
  • Using gesture recognition  -p
  • Using screen reader alerts  -p
  • What Is Safe Driving Mode?  -p
  • See or Hide My Video  -p
  • See My Video  -p
  • Hide My Video  -p

Creating and Scheduling Meetings

The Zoom video conferencing platform has multiple ways you can create a Zoom meeting with additional scheduling features. Use these how-to articles to learn more about scheduling meeting options, available meeting templates and participant registration.

  • Joining a Zoom test meeting  -p
  • Scheduling meetings  -p
  • Scheduling recurring meetings  -p
  • Scheduling a meeting with registration  -p
  • Where to find the meeting invitation text  -p
  • Using Personal Meeting ID (PMI)  -p
  • Enabling and adding a co-host  -p
  • Designating an alternative host  -p
  • Pre-assigning participants to breakout rooms  -p
  • Meeting templates  -p
  • Recovering a deleted meeting or webinar  -p
  • Converting meetings and webinars  -p
  • Managing meeting and webinar registration  -p
  • Client-based calendar integration  -p
  • September 2020: Updates to Zoom schedulers  -p
  • Advanced polling and quizzing for meetings  -p
  • Setting up calendar and contacts integration  -p
  • Using public calendars with Zoom  -p
  • Make Changes to a Scheduled Zoom Meeting  -p
  • Edit My Meeting Details  -p
  • Reschedule My Meeting  -p

Hosting Meetings

When you host a meeting on Zoom, many features are available to optimize the meeting experience and collect post-meeting data. Virtual meeting hosts can place participants in a waiting room, mute participants, manage breakout rooms and set up an alternative host in Zoom so you and your participants get the most out of your remote meeting.

  • Starting or joining a meeting as the host  -p
  • Host and co-host controls in a meeting  -p
  • Muting/unmuting participants in a meeting  -p
  • Managing participants in a meeting  -p
  • Passing host controls to leave the meeting  -p
  • Personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link  -p
  • Can I host concurrent meetings?  -p
  • Signing in during a meeting  -p
  • My Meetings  -p
  • Managing breakout rooms  -p
  • Placing participants in waiting room  -p
  • Viewing meeting invitee’s status  -p
  • Saving in-meeting chat  -p
  • Time limits for idle meetings   -p
  • Can I Restrict My Meeting Capacity?  -p
  • Managing closed captioning and live transcription  -p
  • Archiving for meetings and webinars  -p
  • Syncing calendars  -p
  • Polling for meetings  -p
  • Post-meeting survey and reporting  -p
  • Using save captions  -p
  • Using Language Interpretation in your meeting or webinar  -p
  • Spotlighting participants’ videos  -p
  • Attendee attention tracking  -p
  • Using Remote support session  -p

Live Streaming Meetings

  • Facebook livestreaming meetings or webinars  -p
  • Live streaming meetings/webinars on YouTube  -p
  • Streaming meetings/webinars on FB Workplace  -p
  • Custom live streaming watermark  -p
  • Live streaming using a custom service  -p

Troubleshooting Zoom Meetings


If you are unable to join a Zoom meeting, are receiving a Zoom error code, or encountering other Zoom meeting issues, these support articles can help you troubleshoot and resolve the problem you are encountering.

  • Why am I receiving Error Code 4 when I sign in to Zoom?  -p
  • Meeting Won’t Launch from Google Chrome  -p
  • Firefox opening multiple tabs when joining  -p
  • Troubleshooting joining meetings through Internet Explorer  -p
  • Why is my meeting timing out?  -p
  • Troubleshooting meeting details in Outlook  -p
  • Common error codes and messages  -p
  • Accessing meeting and phone statistics  -p
  • Green Room Process  -p
  • Telemetry Data events processed by the Zoom client  -p