How to Use of call flip in Zoom App

overview Call flips allow you to put your current Zoom Phone call on hold and answer it on another device (Zoom desktop client, mobile app, or provisioned landline). Content of this article: Start call flip (source device) Answering a call on hold (destination device) Desktop client or mobile app Fixed telephone Use of proximity call … Read more

How to Change phone settings in Zoom App (web portal)

If you have Zoom Phone enabled in your account, you can view assigned phone numbers and change settings such as business hours, voice mail, and call permissions. Content of this article: Change phone settings Call processing Participating group Deputy & Assistant Fixed telephone others Time zone update Update time zone during initial setup Update time … Read more

Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function)

Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function)

Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function)? The host and the panelist can operate and prepare the Zoom control to get familiar with the operation before starting the webinar. Requirements for doing a practice session Webinar registration (creation) or Have a webinar license and can create webinars from this How to use the practice session function … Read more

How to use zoom webinar host control

The host has the highest level of control in the webinar. <Host control when screen is not shared> What you can do with host control Mute / Unmute:  You can mute and unmute the microphone. Audio settings (up arrow next to Mute / Unmute): Audio settings allow you to change the microphone and speakers that Zoom uses … Read more

Why the zoom meeting times out

Receive a notification that the meeting will end in X minutes (timeout) If you see this message despite being a paid account (paid users), you may not have logged in with the email address associated with your paid account. Please log in again by the following method. If you are using a desktop client or app Open the Zoom … Read more

Zoom Webinar email settings

Webinar Branding allows you to customize the emails sent to webinar panelists, registrants, participants and absentees. Email is encoded in HTML and FreeMarker format. You can also customize the webinar registration page. This page explains the following items. Edit Email Templates for All Webinars in Your Account Edit email settings for all webinars in your account … Read more