Deploying in VMware in Zoom

There are several OVF and VMDK files that can be deployed internally within VMware products, such as Meeting Connector, Virtual Room Connector, Recording Connector, and others.

Note: Currently, the Zoom appliances can only be deployed if they are installed within an ESXI environment since they are not supported by VMware (versions 6.0 and above).

How to install the Meeting Connector on VMware Workstation or Fusion

  1. You need to download both the VMDK and the OVF into the same folder by visiting
  2. In Fusion, select “Import” to open the OVF file, and then follow the instructions in the import wizard to import the OVF file.
  3. Follow the import wizard instructions in Workstation to access the OVF file in Workstation, and then use “Open” to access the file.

Note: You will not be able to install the VMDK if you just install it