Subtitle display in Zoom Room

The subtitles feature allows you to view subtitles when available in meetings in the Zoom room.

This article contains the following:

  • Enable as administrator
  • Display subtitles in a meeting


Enable as administrator

  1. In order to activate subtitles in the Zoom room, it is necessary to go to the Zoom Room settings of the zoom room of the room to be used and activate subtitles.
  2. Select [Meeting Settings] .
  3. Select [Show advanced settings] .
  4. Under “Meeting (Detailed)” , turn “Subtitles” on.

Display subtitles in a meeting

  1. If subtitles are available for the meeting, the controller will display CC in the settings icon.

Click Set .

  1. You can adjust the font size.
  2. Subtitles will be displayed on the Zoom room display.




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