Start and join a meeting using Zoom Room Touch


  • Zoom Room Windows for version 4.0.44731.0823
  • Windows PC with touch screen for version 8.1 or later
  • Touch driver installed on the computer
  • Single display only

This article explains the following:

  • Start a scheduled meeting

Start an instant meeting

  • Attend a meeting

How to start a scheduled meeting

If a meeting room is associated with a calendar resource, the meeting scheduled for that Zoom room will be displayed on the screen.

If the meeting is scheduled as a Zoom meeting, you can tap Start to start the meeting.

How to start an instant meeting

From the Home screen, tap Start Meeting. The meeting starts with the settings configured in the room’s Zoom web portal.

Attend a meeting

If you know the meeting ID, you can join the ongoing meeting from Zoom Room Touch.

From the Home screen, tap Join Meeting. The keypad is displayed.

  1. Enter the meeting ID of the meeting you want to join.
  2.  Tap Join Meeting.
  3. Control the meeting display:
    • If you use the integrated touch control, you can switch between gallery and speaker views, start a whiteboard session, and ask someone in your contact list to join the meeting.
    • If you are using an iPad or Android controller, you can use all the features available on that controller.


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