Know how to Request or give remote control in Zoom App

Requirements to grant remote control

1. Participants must attend meetings on PC, Mac and iPad devices.
2. Participants sharing the screen must be on a PC or Mac.

Request remote control

  1. When the host/participant starts screen sharing, the meeting toolbar is displayed.
  2. Click Show Options and then click Request Remote Control .

The message ” I’m trying to request remote control of shared content ” will be displayed. Click [ Request ].

  1. The message ” Participant has requested remote control of your shared content. ” Will be sent to the screen sharer. Click Accept to give the other party remote control.
  1. After granting remote control, you can regain it.

Give mouse / keyboard control

  1. While sharing the screen, you can give the participants in the meeting mouse / keyboard control .
    Click [ Remote Control ]
  2. Under ” Enable mouse / keyboard operation: ” you can select the participants who can enable the operation.
    Click on the participant to give control.

Get back remote control

  1. While sharing the screen, if the remote control is given to the participant , the toolbar will display ” Participant waiting for control of your screen “.

If you click Remote Control, you can regain control by clicking Stop Control .

iPad remote control

When using an iPad, you can touch to move the ” mouse icon ” or tap ” keyboard icon ” to enter.