How to change zoom password in Zoom App

It is a very simple process to change the Zoom password in Zoom App if you have your existing zoom password.

If you don’t have your existing zoom password then no need to worry you can reset your zoom password.


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Do you want to change your password in the zoom app? The solution is given below.



Your Email of Zoom Account

You Zoom login password


How to change Zoom password:-

  • Log in from the Zoom home page.
  • Click My Profile in the left list.
  • Click Edit to the right of the sign-in password to change it.

how to change profile password in zoom app

Now you have to need to click on Edit option on the right portion of the page.

How to change Zoom profile password in the zoom app.

Put your Zoom old password/>Enter your zoom New Password two times to confirm.

change profile password in zoom app
change profile password in zoom app


Note- There are password requirement notes. you have to know before putting your Zoom password 

  • The password should have 6 characters.
  • Your password should not have the same character as 2222222 or nnnnnnn.
  • Your password should not have only consecutive characters like 3456789 or bcdefghijk.


Important Note-

If Password changing Option is not on your zoom profile page then no need to worry. it means your Zoom Account is logged in with your Google or Facebook Account.


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