Statistics during the Zoom meeting (analytics)

About the contents that can be confirmed by statistical information

  • Audio, video and screen sharing send and receive rates during a call
  • System performance
  • Whether a problem occurred during the meeting

Bandwidth check

You can check the bandwidth by accessing .

In general, it
is recommended to use uplink / downlink at 1.2 to 1.5 Mbps for the best experience on desktop or room systems.

How to use diagnosis

  1. During a meeting, select Video Settings or Audio Options .
  2. Then select Statistics .

When you open Settings, you can view various statistics during a call.

The following terms are explained for a clearer understanding.

Latency Delay between send and receive.
Example: The delay time between the speaker’s time and the receiving user.
jitter Short fluctuations in signal waveform to packet arrival caused by network congestion, timing drift, or rerouting.
Packet loss The total amount of data that can not reach the destination.
It is also called packet loss.
resolution Displayed in vertical and horizontal pixels. In general, the higher the number of pixels, the higher the quality.
Frames per second Rate at which the terminal can generate its own image or frame.

 Audio statistics

The frequency , latency , jitter and packet loss during the call are displayed as follows:

Video statistics

Similar to audio, but it also displays the resolution of the video being sentand received and the frames per second .


Screen sharing statistics

Similar to video, it displays shared screen resolution and frames per second .

If you share the screen with another screen, the receive field will be blank, and if you view another share screen, the send field will be blank. This situation is shown below.

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Overall system performance to check CPU and RAM usage during a meeting

Indicates the send / receive rate during a call .

Larger bandwidths usually indicate stronger connections .

Statistics show two types of warnings.

Orange Indicates that packet loss in audio may be a quality issue.
Red Packet loss in the audio is likely to be a matter of quality high to indicate that.
Red exclamation mark
Indicates that there is a problem with a tab not currently in use.


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