Can I join the Zoom meeting by dialing in? (Premium voice option)

The telephone option “Premium Audio Plan” can use the following three functions. * You can select each On / Off and target country when applying for the plan .   1.Toll Free = toll free Local users join the Zoom meeting toll-free . For target countries,  refer to the dial-in number for international calls . When a local user enters by phone, the toll-free number is used, so … Read more

How to improve video calls with zoom, to hear and see the meeting participants better, without cuts, slowness, drops, or connection problems

We are going here to give you some very simple tricks that work, on how to improve video calls with zoom, in order to hear and see the participants better, the whole meeting without slowness, without drops, and without connection problems, so that the meeting flows a lot better and so that all attendees can hear … Read more

What are the benefits of Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms has the following advantages: ・ Can be shared in conference rooms and meeting spaces. -All operations are performed from the controller app, which is useful for easy conference progress. -Up to 3 monitors can be connected to display gallery view, active speaker, and screen share images at the same time. -By linking with … Read more

Does Zoom Rooms have an echo canceller function?

Zoom Rooms offers echo cancellation and audio optimization. Make sure that “Software audio processing in progress” is turned on from Zoom Rooms Controller Settings> Microphone. People also ask Is there a way to prevent the Zoom Rooms controller (iPad) from being stolen? Is it possible to use a tablet other than the iPad to operate … Read more

Are backups done properly in Zoom’s data center?

Incremental backups are performed as appropriate. Since the RPO is 500ms, it is basically designed so that it can be returned to the state before 500ms. There are 7 generations of daily backups.   Q/A Is it possible to provide SOC2 reports/audit materials? Does Zoom’s data center have virus / intrusion countermeasures (prevention / detection / … Read more

Does Zoom’s data center have virus / intrusion countermeasures (prevention / detection / recovery of data tampering)?

We are implementing the following measures. ・ Anti-virus / anti-malware measures are implemented by obtaining the latest information from vendors. -Uses TLS (256 bits) for communication and encrypts the network. End-to-end content encryption (AES256 bits) is also possible. ・ Vulnerability diagnosis (penetration test, etc.) is conducted by a third-party organization. -Implement multiple network security measures such … Read more