When I click on the invited meeting URL, I get the error “You are using an unsupported browser.” And cannot join in Zoom App

The error “You are using an unsupported browser and  you can not join in Zoom”  We recommend using Google Chrome when attending meetings from a browser.   Q/A I can’t hold a meeting. (Zoom starts and the meeting screen is displayed for a moment, but it disappears immediately, and then retries are repeated) When I … Read more

How many people can be connected to one meeting at the same time in Zom App?

Simultaneous two-way connection is possible -Professional license up to 100 people -Business license up to 300 people -Enterprise license up to 500 people. You can also increase the limit to 1000 people as an option.     Q/A Do I need to purchase dedicated equipment to use Zoom Meetings? Is it necessary to review the WAN … Read more

What if the meeting is extended and the time overlaps with the other meeting I had reserved In Zoom Apps?

■ When “Automatic start/stop of scheduled meeting” is disabled The Reserved another meeting will not be held until the first meeting is completed. You can start it manually if the second scheduled end time has not passed at the end of the first meeting.   ■ When “Automatic start/stop of scheduled meeting” is enabled Forcibly … Read more