What is the guideline for the communication volume of Zoom Rooms?

  • For one display: 2.0Mbps / 2.0Mbps (up / down)
  • For two displays: 2.0Mbps / 4.0Mbps (up / down)
  • For 3 displays: 2.0Mbps / 6.0Mbps (up / down)
  • Screen sharing only: 150-300kbps
  • For Audio VoiP: 60-80kbps

When using 1080p full HD video, the traffic of both is compared and the higher value is applied.

  • For 1: 1 video calls
    • For 1080p full HD video: 1.8Mbps / 1.8Mbps (downlink / uplink)
  • For group video calls
    • For 1080p full HD video: 2.5Mbps / 3.0Mbps (down / up)

As an example, the communication charge per hour can be obtained by the following formula.
● Reference value to be used For
one display: 2.0Mbps / 2.0Mbps (uplink / downlink)
● Calculation formula
Unit conversion: 2.0Mbps (uplink) + 2.0Mbps (downlink) ÷ 8bit = 0.5 MB / s
Communication per hour Volume: 0.5 MB / s x 3600s = 1800 MB / h The

communication volume is a guideline value, and the
actual value may vary depending on the network environment.
Please forgive in advance that it does not apply to all environments.

What if the Zoom meeting is extended and the time overlaps with the other meeting I had reserved?

When “Automatic start / stop of scheduled meeting” is disabled The
reserved other meeting will not be held until the first meeting is completed. You can start it manually if the second scheduled end time has not passed at the end of the first meeting.

■ When “Automatic start / stop of scheduled meeting” is enabled
Forcibly leave the existing meeting and forcibly start another reserved meeting. This is true whether the meeting number of the reserved meeting is the same or different.