What are the benefits of Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms has the following advantages: ・ Can be shared in conference rooms and meeting spaces. -All operations are performed from the controller app, which is useful for easy conference progress. -Up to 3 monitors can be connected to display gallery view, active speaker, and screen share images at the same time. -By linking with … Read more

Does Zoom Rooms have an echo canceller function?

Zoom Rooms offers echo cancellation and audio optimization. Make sure that “Software audio processing in progress” is turned on from Zoom Rooms Controller Settings> Microphone. People also ask Is there a way to prevent the Zoom Rooms controller (iPad) from being stolen? Is it possible to use a tablet other than the iPad to operate … Read more

What kind of setting is “automatic direct sharing using ultrasonic proximity signal” In Zoom Apps?

This feature allows Zoom Rooms participants to start sharing materials with a single click from a desktop client (Windows / Mac) using ultrasonic proximity signals.     Q/A What is the guideline for the communication volume of Zoom Rooms? What are the benefits of Zoom Rooms? I want to know how to attend a Zoom … Read more

When using Zoom Rooms, I want to connect 3 screens and always use 1 screen as a whiteboard with a touch display.

It cannot be realized with one PC for controlling Zoom Rooms. By setting up a PC equipped with a touch panel in addition to the Zoom Rooms control PC as a “companion whiteboard”, a whiteboard can be permanently installed in Zoom Rooms.     Q/A What kind of setting is “automatic direct sharing using ultrasonic … Read more

What if the meeting is extended and the time overlaps with the other meeting I had reserved In Zoom Apps?

■ When “Automatic start/stop of scheduled meeting” is disabled The reserved another meeting will not be held until the first meeting is completed. You can start it manually if the second scheduled end time has not passed at the end of the first meeting. ■ When “Automatic start/stop of scheduled meeting” is enabled Forcibly leave … Read more

Is it possible to change the Zoom Rooms meeting ID for each meeting?

It can be changed for each meeting. After logging in to the Zoom website (https://zoom.us/profile), perform the following operations. From “Room Management”> “Zoom Rooms”, click “Edit” for the room whose settings you want to change, and uncheck the “Meeting” tab> “Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling meetings”.     Q/A Is there a setting … Read more