How to Mute all and unmute all in Zoom Meeting App

How to Mute all and unmute all in Zoom Meeting App

You can mute all participants who are already in the meeting and new participants in the meeting. 1. Select Manage Participant.   2. Select  “Mute All“   3. You will be prompted to allow participants to unmute themselves. If you click ” Yes “, all current and new participants will be muted.   Related article Video or microphone off by participants … Read more

Screen sharing (iOS mirroring) in zoom App

With iOS screen sharing With Zoom, you can use the Zoom desktop client to share iOS screens wirelessly and wiredly from your iPhone and iPad. You can also use iOS 11 or later screen recordings to share the entire iOS device screen . When sharing the iOS screen, it is recommended to turn on the good-night mode to avoid receiving unexpected notifications . Note: When  using screen … Read more

Zoom Background noise suppression

Overview The Zoom client has an option to take advantage of noise suppression. This eliminates the distracting noise that participants’ microphones may pick up. Background noise such as paper crunch, keyboard input, fan noise, and dog bark are excluded to provide a better meeting experience. By default, Zoom automatically performs background noise reduction, but you can change the options … Read more

Noise canceling function in Zoom App

August 21, 2018 Zoom’s blog ” Zoom Optimizes Noise Cancellation for Top-Notch Audio ” announced the addition of a noise canceller function. This function automatically eliminates the typing sound of the PC and ambient noise during the meeting. You can now have a more comfortable meeting. No special settings are required.   Related article Background noise suppression … Read more

Can I join the Zoom meeting by dialing in? (Premium voice option)

The telephone option “Premium Audio Plan” can use the following three functions. * You can select each On / Off and target country when applying for the plan .   1.Toll Free = toll free Local users join the Zoom meeting toll-free . For target countries,  refer to the dial-in number for international calls . When a local user enters by phone, the toll-free number is used, so … Read more

How to hide the notification you receive during screen sharing on iOS in zoom app

How to hide the notification you receive during screen sharing on iOS in zoom app

In iOS, when sharing the screen of “iOS screen”, everything displayed on the screen, such as notifications to be received, is shared. In order not to display an unexpected notification, From the setting set to ON the night mode is recommended that you. Good night mode setting method Open the settings, and tap [Good night mode]. Turn … Read more