Audio echo during a Zoom meeting

There are three possible causes of audio echo and howling during a meeting.

  1. Audio of the participants are active both is
  2. Speaker distance between participants is too close
  3. Multiple active audios exist in one meeting room

Case 1: Both participants’ audio is active

When joining from a computer and calling in from a phone, follow one of the following.

  • At the time of call-in participants ID input, or is already the case in the call # participant ID # to enter the
  • Or manually Leave computer audio on the computer.


Case 2: Speaker distance between participants is too close

If the other participants are nearby and each other’s speakers are on,

Turn off the speaker on any computer


Please end the audio conference (disconnect the telephone connection).


Case 3: There are multiple active audios in one conference room

If you are in a conference room with multiple devices, disconnect computer audio from other devices.

  • PC / Mac ^[ Mute / Unmute ] next to  > [ Leave computer audio ]


  • iPhone / Android
    [ Details > Disconnect ]


  • Muting mutes the microphone but does not solve the problem because the speakers are active.


Other solutions 

Usually, when you hear an echo, it means that there is a device that reflects the audio in use. If you are feedback, we recommend the following.

Hosts and Attendees:

  • The host can mute attendees at once
  • The host can mute everyone at a time, unmuting one by one
  • Attendees can mute themselves

Possible causes of echo: 

  • A loudspeaker (such as a TV or soundbar)
  • Echo cancellation failed (device or performance issue)
  • I am using a low-quality microphone


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