Zoom Background noise suppression


The Zoom client has an option to take advantage of noise suppression. This eliminates the distracting noise that participants’ microphones may pick up. Background noise such as paper crunch, keyboard input, fan noise, and dog bark are excluded to provide a better meeting experience. By default, Zoom automatically performs background noise reduction, but you can change the options based on your environment and use cases.


  • Zoom desktop client for Windows version 5.2.0 or later
  • Zoom desktop client for macOS version 5.2.0 or later


  1. Zoom in the desktop client is under the profile image, [ Settings ] (gear marks), and click.
  2. Audio ] Click the tab.
  3. Suppress the background noise ] Click the drop-down menu next to, and then change the setting.
  4. Auto: This is the default setting and applies moderate background noise reduction as needed. Automatically adjusts the strength to block background noise based on what is detected in the background. If music is detected, it will not be treated as background noise.
  5. Low: Noise reduction is minimal. Blocks low levels of persistent background noise.
    Note: This setting preserves the original sound as much as possible, making it ideal for casual music playback. To the highest degree of fidelity of the sound when you play the music, advanced audio settings in the [ Enable the original sound ] Please consider using the settings.
  6. Medium: Ideal for reducing and eliminating background noise in standard environments such as fans and pen tapping.
  7. High: Noise reduction is the strongest and removes noise such as flipping paper and wrapping paper, keyboard typing, etc.
    Note: Enabling this option can increase CPU utilization.


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