How do I start a screen sharing meeting in zoom?

Start screen sharing meeting

If you want to start an instant meeting (no video) or an audio-only meeting for screen sharing, you can start it by selecting Start Without Video on the Home tab .

Start Without the video if you want the meeting to begin.

  • Audio Meeting: Hold a meeting without sharing video or content (audio only).
  • Share screen: Share content with audio only (video is off).
  • Invite Others : Send invitations for others to join your meeting.
Note : Video is not turned on automatically during a screen sharing meeting.
You need to “activate” the video / camera during the meeting.

Select content to share

When you click on the sharing screen, you will be asked to select the desktop, window or iPhone / iPad app to share.

Switch windows during screen sharing:

If you select ” New Sharing “, you can share new content while screen sharing.

Other options in screen sharing

  • Mouse / keyboard control
  • Annotation
  • recording
  • Mute / Unmute
  • Chat etc

Click here for more information on the features available during screen sharing .

To end a screen sharing meeting

Simply select Stop Sharing .

To leave a meeting or end all meetings

  • To leave the meeting – to leave the meeting, but left open the meeting.
  • End All Meetings-As a “host,” you can choose to end the meeting.

Start the video:

To start the video during screen sharing, select Video Icon from the meeting menu

Note : If you started the video while sharing the screen

, click Stop Sharing to return the meeting to Video Meeting mode.

Video layout

There are four video layouts for a single monitor .

  • Window view
  • full screen
  • Gallery view
  • Mini view

With Dual Monitor Setup, you can view your screen-sharing presentation on one monitor and the participant’s video on the other.

Video layout during screen sharing:

If you enable the video in screen sharing, three video layout There is a

  • Minimized view- shows who is talking
  • Active Speaker-Shows the active speaker (click and drag the lower right corner to resize).
  • All Speakers- Displays all speakers (four at a time) while scrolling up and down.

Note : You can move the drag and move the window layout at any time.

Fit to window

When viewing the shared screen, it is in its original size for optimal quality.

You can change the layout by clicking [ Fit to window ] while sharing the screen .

The original size maintains the original quality. If you fit the window, the display quality of the shared screen may be degraded.

There is also an option to set Fit to window as default .