How to change the background in Zoom on your phone

During the conference, you can change or download to your iPhone or iPad online the situation behind the speaker. This feature is very useful, for example, during a business meeting, when you are at home or in a cafe, that is, not at the workplace.

So that nothing distracts your interlocutors, colleagues, you can put a picture that will overlap everything that is behind you. Below is how to make a background in Zoom on an iOS phone.

How to change in Zoom on the phone

Step-by-step plan on how to change the background in Zoom during an online session:

  • We open the application;
  • Go to settings, click “Conferences”;
  • Then “Save virtual background for”.
  • Select “All conferences” or “Only the current conference”.

To check, go to the main menu of the application and start the conference further:

  • Click “More”;
  • Select “Virtual background”.

Download or choose from those offered. On the phone, during the online lesson, you can add no more than 3 pictures.

It’s so easy to enable a virtual background in Zoom on an iPhone, and just as easy on an iPad. A program has not yet been developed for android, but it can be used on a computer, read the article here on how to leave and change on a PC.