Using ZDM with Zoom Room Appliances

In order to manage Zoom Room Appliances, system administrators can use Zoom Device Management (ZDM). You do not have to go through any pre-enrollment or enrollment process when you use ZR Appliances. ZDM is already built into these devices, so they can be used out of the box. The Zoom Rooms Desktop Manager is a simple-to-use tool that adds additional remote capabilities to Zoom Rooms, as well as allowing centralized management of Zoom Rooms and devices through the Zoom web portal. Upgrades of the ZR app as well as firmware upgrades of the device are supported.

Available features for ZDM to manage Zoom Room appliances

  • Upgrade Zoom Rooms remotely from anywhere in the world


If your company network contains a firewall or proxy server that enables communication with the Zoom network through the ZDM server, then please refer to Zoom network firewall or proxy server.