5 Essential Zoom Team Chat Security Features

In fact, it is well known that most organizations have their own technology stacks, which typically include telephone lines, email servers, and video conferencing solutions, but many of the employees have also become intrigued by instant messaging, one of the many popular modern communication tools that many workers consider to be very useful as a way to communicate with each other.

With Zoom Team Chat, you will be able to communicate asynchronously and share information in a timely manner, with the help of our enterprise-grade messaging platform. In contrast to the in-meeting chat feature available on Zoom’s desktop client, Zoom Team Chat is a persistent messaging solution that is included as part of Zoom’s desktop client. It is not intended to be confused with in-meeting chat. Additionally, Zoom’s desktop client also has a number of other applications like Zoom Phone, Zoom Apps, Zoom Whiteboard, and many others.

In keeping with Zoom’s commitment to security, Zoom’s chat solution has been built with security as its primary focus. In addition to its numerous security features, it offers a variety of other features that contribute to enabling seamless communication in a safe and secure environment. In my opinion, these five features are among the most important ones:

Key chat security features 

  1. External contact management: There is the ability for users to enable or disable the ability to add external contacts to their accounts, as well as view and remove any external contacts who have already been added, and the ability to chat with external contacts can also be enabled or disabled by the account owner or administrator. By specifying the email address of an external Zoom user as a contact, it is possible to add them as contacts if the feature is enabled. In addition to chatting with the external user, you will be able to share files and images with them, and you will be able to meet with them instantly after their approval of your contact request. An “external” label will appear next to the name of an external user if that user is present in a chat or a channel, as well as in the compose box if that user is present.

  1. Link preview: Each time you share a link with a public audience in a chat or channel, a thumbnail preview will appear at the bottom of the screen. As a result, other users will be able to get a better sense of the link’s destination by previewing the website’s contents for themselves.

  1. Set GIF rating: The account owner or administrator of the account can decide whether GIF images created using GIPHY will be allowed for use in Zoom Team Chat by setting a ‘rating’ for the GIF image. Users will only see GIF images with these ratings in their library in Zoom Team Chat if these images have been rated by GIPHY as G, PG, PG-13, or R by their administrator, and these GIF images will only be displayed if they have been rated by GIPHY as G, PG, PG-13, or R by their administrator.

  1. Chat Etiquette tool: In Zoom Team Chat and in-Meeting Chat, this feature can be used to help users discover keywords and pattern data automatically that can be used to prevent users from sharing unwanted messages, such as those that contain inappropriate language, within those chat sessions. One thing to keep in mind here is that Chat Etiquette policies are defined by account admins, not Zoom, and the tool is not meant to send any reports or flags to account admins or anyone else requesting them to enforce the Chat Etiquette policies.

  1. Advanced chat encryption: It is necessary for the user to log in as a user in order to be able to use this feature in order to create a private communication that can only be viewed by the intended recipient. As soon as advanced chat encryption has been enabled, chat participants’ devices will be used to generate and operate keys that are used to encrypt data at rest in the chat. Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption technology is utilized in the transmission of chat data in transit, on the other hand. The functionality of a few features of the chat program will be lost if you utilize advanced chat encryption.

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Instant messaging, consistent security

It is one of Zoom’s One services that includes a team chat system, a VoIP phone, a whiteboard, and a video conference solution. In addition to the One business service, Zoom’s One team chat is part of Zoom’s One services. Zoom believes that providing the best possible protection and support for our clients is a high priority, which is why Zoom Team Chat is integral to Zoom’s overall security strategy. The instant messaging software that we offer is easy to integrate with our other Zoom solutions, so we can offer you a truly unified communications experience that is built to help you stay secure and trusted.

Explore Zoom’s Trust Center, where you will find a selection of our privacy, safety, and security resources that will help you become more knowledgeable about Zoom’s approach to security.



Which of the following required Zoom security features?

You have the option of mandating that any and all meetings implement one of the following security measures: a passcode, a waiting room, or attendance is restricted to just those users who have successfully authenticated themselves. These choices offer your meetings an increased level of protection and privacy, and they also assist in preventing unauthorized individuals from attending.

What are the features of Zoom chat?

The in-person gathering You are able to send instant messages to other users within a meeting or a private message to an individual participant when you make use of the Zoom chat feature. As the host, you have the ability to decide who the participants can communicate with and whether or not they can speak at all.

How secure is Zoom chat?

Additionally, the at-rest Team Chat messages that are saved within the Zoom Cloud are encrypted by Zoom. The advanced chat encryption encrypts messages between all users in a chat using a device-generated and stored key. These encrypted messages are then further encrypted in transit between users and the Zoom Cloud using TLS.

Is Zoom chat encrypted end to end?

Do users of the free version of Zoom have access to the end-to-end encryption feature?Yes, both free and premium Zoom accounts that join directly from Zoom’s desktop client or mobile app, or from within a Zoom Room, are able to host or join an E2EE conference if the option to do so is enabled within their respective account settings.

Can my company read my Zoom chats?

The corporate edition of Zoom, on the other hand, gives managers access to features such as the ability to see any chat messages that were exchanged between employees by way of a stored transcript after the meeting. Examine the minutes that were uploaded to the cloud using the company account. Find out when meetings are held, who attends, and for how long they are scheduled to go on.