About chat destination during zoom meeting

In-meeting chats can be stored locally and stored in the cloud.

This article explains the following:

  • How to save locally
  • How to save to the cloud

How to save locally

  1. Click  [Details] at the lower right of the chat box during the meeting .
  2. Select Save chat and save locally.

Confirm and change chat storage location

  1. Click Settings on the client .
  2. Open the “Recording” tab, and check the save destination in “Recording Save Location” below the local recording item .
  3. If you want to change, specify the save location and click [Change] .

What is saved as chat

It is output in text format, and can record all time, sender, and chat conversations.

How to save to the cloud

  1. Log in to Zoom.us and click [Setting] .
  2. Click the [Recording] tab, and check “Save meeting chat text ” in “Cloud recording items” .
    The default is OFF .

Chat storage location

Log in to Zoom.us and click Record ] .

Please refer to Saving In-Meeting Chat for details .