Administrator-Message archive by global relay in Zoom App

Zoom integrates a global relay instead of a message archiving platform.

Global Relay allows you to save Zoom chat messages and files transferred over chat. Messages and files can be stored on global relay only or both global relay and Zoom.

Currently, Zoom and Global Relay integration only supports non-meeting chat messages.

Once set, Zoom will send messages and files to the global relay once daily.

Global relays are used throughout the Zoom account.
It can not be enabled individually for groups or users.



  • SMTP delivery address from Global Relay Representative or Global Relay Support
  • Have the owner or administrator right of Zoom account

Connect to a global relay to configure the Zoom message archive and obtain an SMTP delivery address.


  • Log in to your Zoom account and move to IM Management ].
  • Click the IM Settings tab.
  • During storage, toggle the Create Third-Party Archive option on (blue).
  • Click Configure Global Relay.
  • Complete the Global Relay Configuration settings.
SMTP delivery address Enter the SMTP delivery address provided by Global Relay Representative or Global Relay Support
username Enter the Global Relay User Name.
password Enter the global relay password.
  • Click Save.

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