About fps of document sharing in Zoom Meeting App

As for fps of data sharing, I received 720p 30 fps, but as long as I’m trying it with a verification account, it is not possible to see that fps is coming out so much when sharing data, and there is a way to show 30 fps when sharing data. Is it?

The default is OFF.

It becomes effective when the following setting is turned on. However, this setting consumes more bandwidth as it attempts to maintain video quality at 720p 30 fps. It is recommended to leave it off unless necessary.


■ Set as individual user

From the ZOOM client app, go to Settings> Video>  Enable HD
Zoom Website> My Meeting Settings> At Meeting (Details)> Group HD Video


■ Set as whole account (admin / owner)

Zoom Website> Account Settings> At Meeting (Details)> Group HD Video


■ Setting for each group (administrator / owner)

Zoom Website> Group Management> At Meeting (Details)> Group HD Video