Embedding Zoom meeting passcode in invite link

The invitation link can be embedded with your meeting passcode if you wish. There is an option to encrypt your meeting passcode and include it in your invite link, which will enable participants to join with just one click and eliminate the need to type in a passcode manually. Your meeting is more secure and … Read more

Dashboard for Zoom Rooms

Overview Zoom Rooms are selected by clicking on the Zoom Rooms portion of the dashboard, which informs you of the type of configuration a room has, its passcode, and most importantly, whether it is currently available to meet with other Zoom users. Depending on whether Zoom Rooms Health Status Notifications are enabled, you may be … Read more

How to use Zoom meeting quality scores and network alerts

On the Dashboard for meetings and webinars, owners who own accounts and admins can enable any type of meeting quality score or network alert that they wish. A meeting’s quality is determined by the Mean Opinion Score (MOS), which ranges from 1 to 5 as to how bad or good the meeting is as a … Read more

March 2022: FAQ on reporting changes In Zoom App

Starting March 1, 2022, Zoom will remove email addresses for users flagged as guests from Account Reports and Dashboards if they do not meet any of the conditions listed below. As part of Zoom’s continuous commitment to privacy and security, users having accounts flagged as guests will be removed from Account Reports and Dashboards beginning … Read more

How to mute your microphone when joining a Zoom meeting

By enabling the Mute my microphone when joining a meeting option, you can give the meeting participant the option to mute their microphone by default when joining a meeting. You must manually enable the audio to unmute your microphone when you join a meeting with the option enabled. Once this setting is enabled, your microphone … Read more

How to change your status to Away when inactive in Zoom App

In case your computer is not active for a specified amount of time, you can choose to change your presence status to Away. Your presence status is automatically changed to Away after 15 minutes of inactivity by default, but you can change it later on by adjusting the settings. During times when your computer is in … Read more

Transferring a PMI or URL from a Basic account in Zoom App

Please follow these steps if you recently switched Zoom accounts and are looking to use your old account’s Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and/or Personal Vanity URL (PVU) but are not able to do so since your previous account became a Basic account for the current account, please follow these steps. Note: A new Zoom account … Read more

How to Combine Your Zoom Accounts Using Account Consolidation

When a user’s separate accounts with a specific domain (such as @mycompany.com) are verified and when the account owner or admin allows users to consolidate into their account, their separate accounts with that specific domain are consolidated into one account. It is possible for the holders of these separate accounts to change their email addresses … Read more

Archiving indicators in Zoom App

The FINRA and other regulatory compliance requirements can be satisfied by Zoom’s Meeting and Webinar Archiving solution which allows account administrators to automate the processes of collecting and archiving data from meetings into 3rd party platforms of their choice, which allows them to satisfy FINRA and/or other financial compliance requirements. In the account administrator area, … Read more