How to enable users to add and share their pronouns in Zoom App

If you are the administrator or owner of the account, you are able to set up the Pronouns section of the account so users in your account can add pronouns to their user profiles, and optionally share those pronouns with colleagues who are present at meetings they host or attend, and webinars that they participate … Read more

How to Access audio conferencing reports in Zoom App

In addition to viewing the actual audio usage report as well as exporting it as a CSV file, you will also be able to export a CSV file once you have subscribed to an audio conferencing plan. In audio conferencing reports, you can find out who dialed in to online meetings or webinars. Then you … Read more

How to request an appeal on Zoom account deactivation

Whenever you hear about Zoom’s taking adverse action against your account, you can submit an appeal request to the Zoom Trust and Safety team if you believe your account has been adversely affected because of a violation of Zoom’s Terms of Service or Community Standards. You will receive an email from Zoom notifying you that … Read more

How to enable Start Zoom when I start Windows

If you frequently use the Zoom desktop client, you can enable the setting, Start Zoom whenever I turn on my computer, if you wish. If this feature is selected, the Zoom desktop client opens and displays when you start your computer. As a result, your computer will automatically launch the desktop client every time your … Read more

Technical previews in Zoom App

When we explicitly decide to look for customer feedback for these new features in the first 30 days of introduce them. Because of this, Zoom will make these new features available as technical previews. We hope that it will give us a chance to gather insight into how our product and features are being used … Read more

How to give Feedback to Zoom

In order to let Zoom know how you experienced your meeting or the Zoom client, you can give them your feedback via the Zoom Feedback tab. Zoom Desktop Client and Zoom Mobile App can be enabled so that you can take advantage of the Feedback to Zoom option in your settings.¬†On Windows, you will also … Read more

Zoom user types & roles in Zoom App

You will have access to different features depending on the type of account, user type, as well as the way your Zoom account has been set up (if applicable) by your account owner or admin. Zoom can be accessed by accessing your account by using one or more of the following ways: by providing your … Read more

How to pair a Zoom Room with the desktop client

Zoom’s desktop client allows pairing with your Zoom Room, so that you can start your meeting from the Zoom desktop client without having to rely on the Zoom Room controllers. As people return to their offices and Zoom Room controllers aren’t always in the most convenient locations, this allows you to start a meeting from … Read more

How to fix an incorrectly displayed user license in Zoom App

There may be a time when the license of a user is incorrectly shown on the Zoom web portal, so it is possible for an account administrator or owner to fix this issue without involving Zoom support. The following are the prerequisites for fixing an incorrectly displayed user license on your computer Administrator or owner … Read more

Managing users in Zoom App

  Management of users can be done by both account owners and admins by adding, removing, and assigning roles and add-on features to their users. There are a few terms to be familiar with before we get started: Zoom users that are internal to your account are considered internal users. The term “external users” is … Read more